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PWB Analysis Software Packages


EZ2D Calculator {Ansoft Corp}
{2D Analysis of Multilayer Cross-section}

Flotherm {Mentor Graphics}
{For Temperature-Window NT}

GAIO Technology


Intercept Technology Inc.


Mentor Graphics Corp.

OrCAD {see Cadence}

PADS Software Inc. "Mentor"

Pro Circuit Builder {Automata Design Inc.} 'ADI'

Speed2000 {Sigrity}
{For Chip Carries/Modules and PCBs-Windows}

System Explorer {Aptix Corp.}
{System Level and FPGA}



{Software Simulation CAE Index}

Spice - Digital / Analog Simulation Software Packages


ApsimSI {Applied Simulation Technology}
{Signal integrity analysis of complex designs-EMI-EMC}

BSIM3v3 extraction {Cadence}
{Sub Micron Device Modeling-Spice-Reliability}

ICAP/4 Intusoft
{Analog and Mixed Signal Simulation}

Micro-Cap V {Spectrum Software}
{Digital/Analog Simulation-Spice/pSpice}

{National Instruments}

Timing designer Pro {Forte Design Systems}
{Digital Timing Analysis}

VisualSpice {Island Logix}
{Circuit Simulation}

{CAE Software Simulation Index}

VHDL CAE Software Packages


Active-VHDL 3.2 {Aldec}
{Complete IEEE1076-93 Simulator}

{Model Technology}

{Simec "Ansoft"}

{VHDL Verilog}

Synopsys Inc.

{CAE Software Simulation Index}

Additional CAE Software Packages

Maxwell 3D Simulator {Ansoft Corp..}
{Calculate Electric and Magnetic Fields}

This is a listing of Engineering Design Automation [EDA] Simulation software vendors. The types of products or packages they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. The listing is divided into PWB Analysis Software Packages, Spice Simulation Software Packages, and VHDL Software Packages. Additional Computer Added Engineering [CAE] software packages may be found by clicking the Software icon below. Electronic devices and components may be found by hitting the Components icon below. Electronic Equipment manufacturers may be located by clicking the OEM Equipment icon below.

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