Office Software

Office Tools

This is a list of companies that produce Office type software.
Many of the vendors produce versions for Private PC's, Small/Medium Businesses, Enterprise systems, Education organizations, and Servers.

AbiWord {Free word processing program}

KOffice {Linux and Unix, Free package}

Lotus {Free Lotus SmartSuite software}

MS Office {Microsoft Office Suite software}

OpenOffice {Free Office Suite of Tools}

Thinkfree {Free Office Suite of Tools}

WordPerfect {Corel Office Suite software}

Zoho {Free Office Suite of Tools, server side}

The editor uses OpenOffice as an office suite of tools; However,
I do not endorse any particular software product.
But there are a number of software products listed here to be tried out.
Most of these are free packages, but in some cases a pay-per-support version is also provided with more options.

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