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This is a listing of Active Resistor manufacturers; Semiconductor Resistors.
The types of products or devices the company produce are listed under the manufacturers name, in alphabetic order.

Semiconductor Resistor / Potentiometer Manufacturers

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Summit Microelectronics Inc.
{Non-volatile DACPOT}

ZMD America Inc.
{Digital Potentiometer Manufacturer}

A semiconductor resistor is not a resistor at all, but rather an IC being used to act like a resistor.
The term Active resistor implies powered, and not that it's in production or not.
Active resistors are normally low power devices when compared to a physical resistor.

Semiconductor Resistors may be fixed or variable.
The mounting method is determined by the integrated circuit, and has nothing to do with the resistor.
Many of the terms associated with resistors don't apply because there is no resistor present.
For example the definition of established reliability would now imply MTBF of the IC.
However phrases like Accurate or Semi-precision would still be valid.

This is a listing of Electronic Semiconductor Resistor manufacturers and vendors. The listing is subdivided into Passive Linear Resistor Manufacturers, Nonlinear Resistor Manufacturers and Active Resistor IC manufacturers. Thermistor and Varistor manufacturers are listed under the Nonlinear Resistor Manufacturers heading. The types of products or devices each manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. Additional engineering component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below.

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