Different Search Engines

Listing of a few different search engines on the web.

All the Web, All the Time [re-directs to Yahoo as of 2011]
Alexa uses ODP data [Web Directory]
bing [Microsoft, MSN]
C/net Search.com
Dogpile Multi Engine Search
Mamma Multi Engine Search
metaCrawler Multi Engine Search
MSN Search; now called bing
Netscape-Open Directory Project ODP [Web Directory]
Picsearch, Picture or text search
BUBL {UK}, uses the Dewey Decimal system [Web Directory]

Many other search engines not listed here use the same open source data Netscape does, provided by the Open Directory Project [http://dmoz.org]. Some of the Search Engines just mine data from other Search Engines to produce a hit listing. Some only do picture searches. There are a few so called engineering search engines, but in many cases just using Google works just as well. Engineering sites and manufacturers rate high if the right key words are used.

If you happen to run your own web site, you should apply to be listed on the Open Directory Project. But because the ODP manually adds web sites it could take a number of months to get listed. Their blog indicates that it could take up to a year.

Google brings in the most traffic to this site, during 2011: Google at 88%, followed by Yahoo at 5%, than bing at 4%. All other search engine traffic to this site is below one percent.

I just checked the Gigablast search engine to see how this site is listed. Well that particular search engine only lists 8 pages from this site. I never requested to be listed so they most have found me on another page or from ODP. In any event, it's good to be listed because you never know who is using that search engine. Although I don't think I would have tried to add my site, as it seems sort of small.

Do you have a site-map.
List its location in your robots.txt file.
When a spider reads the robots.txt file
it will also find your sitemap.

Different Search Engines using ODP data.

Go to; http://dmoz.org
Open Directory Project

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