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SRAM - Memory Manufacturers

RAM....Random Access Memory
SRAM..Static Random Access Memory (Much faster than DRAM)
............Synchronous SRAM
............Asynchronous SRAM
nvSRAM..combination of SRAM and EEPROM [also called nvRAM]
CAM:..Contact Addressable Memory
PSRAM:..Pseudo Static Random Access Memory
ZBT:..Zero Bus Turnaround [no bus latency (NoBL) memory is a synchronous-burst SRAM. ZBT SRAM devices use the full bandwidth because they do not require turnaround cycles (idle cycles between read and write operations).]
RADHard....Radiation Hardened ~ accepts a higher dose of radiation with out failure, for military and aerospace applications.

AeroFlex {RADHard SRAM IC Manufacturer}

Brilliance Semiconductor Inc. {Asynchronous 256K(32Kx8) bits Static RAM}

Cypress Products. {Async SRAMs, Sync SRAMs, Dual-port SRAM and MicroPower SRAMs}

Dallas Semiconductor Corp 'Maxim' {SRAM DIP modules with battery}

GSI Technology

Honeywell {Radiation Hardened SRAM ICs}

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. 'IDT' {SRAM, 4Mb, 9Mb, 18 Mb ZBT SRAM}

Integrated Silicon Solutions Inc. 'ISSI' {SRAM IC Manufacturer}

Logic Devices {SRAM ICs}

Micron {SRAM IC Manufacturer}

Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc. {SRAM}

NEC {Low Power SRAM, Asynchronous SRAM, Synchronous SRAM, ZBT SRAM, DDR II, QDR II SRAM}


Pyramid Semiconductor {Commercial/Industrial, Military/883}

Renesas Technology Corp {SRAM, 18 Mb ZBT SRAM}

Sharp Electronic Corp. {SRAM}

UTMC Microelectronic Systems Inc.; see Aeroflex {Rad-Hard SRAM ICs}

White Electronic Designs Corp. 'Microsemi' {SRAM IC Manufacturer}

Winbond Electronics Corp. {Pseudo SRAM IC Manufacturer}

This is a general listing of SRAM IC Memory manufacturers. The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. The listing is subdivided into DRAM Memory Manufacturers, SRAM Memory Manufacturers, RAM - Memory Manufacturers [other], FLASH Memory Manufacturers, EPROM Memory Manufacturers, EEPROM Memory Manufacturers, and PROM / ROM Memory Manufacturers. Below is a listing of companies manufacturing the different memory types.

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