Server Management Interface Chip

SMIC Description

The Server Management Interface Chip [SMIC] interface is one of the physical interfaces specified for transferring IPMI messages between the system management software and the system's primary management controller (BMC). The interface can be implemented using an external ASIC or standard programmable logic to provide a byte I/O-mapped messaging interface to standard microcontrollers.
The SMIC Interface is designed to support polled operation. Implementations can optionally provide an interrupt driven from the BUSY bit, but this must not prevent driver software from using the interface in a polled manner. This allows software to default to polled operation.

ASMI: Advanced Server Management Interface
ASMI standardizes the electrical and mechanical interfaces into a 120-pin connector that system management components use to interconnect on the motherboard.
IPMI is an embedded management specification that defines a common and secure interface to how vendors monitor their system hardware and sensors.

I2C Bus Interface Circuit
I2C Interface between Devices

ASMI Bus Interface IC Manufacturers

Maxim {12-Bit Plus Sign Temperature Sensors with SMBus/I2C-Compatible Serial Interface}

NXP {I2C Bus}

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ASMI Standards Information

There is no data available on the ASMI Standards.

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