SGI Monitor Port

This pinout was used with the Silicon Graphics Inc [SGI] Monitor Port on a D-Sub 15 pin connector. D-Sub is short hand for D-Subminiature.
A page which lists manufacturers of connectors is listed on the D-Sub Connector Manufacturers.
The connector used in this interface is a 15-pin D-Sub or DA15 [DA-15], but may also be [incorrectly] called a DB-15.
The mistake is normally ignored because a DB15 does not exist, so you get a DA15 by definition.
However; the connector style is a Subminiature D type, and has a shell style of DA-15 [D-Sub Mechanical Drawing].
Although diagrammed below this link provides the 15-pin D-Sub Pin Spacing with dimensions.

Note this PC Port is out-dated or is an obsolete interface, see below for more detail.

3-row high density 15-pin HD connector pinout

SGI Monitor Port Pin Out
Pin # Assignment
2 GREEN (complete sync in some modes)
4 Reserved
5 Ground
6 Red Return
7 Green Return
8 Blue Return
9 +5V, limited current
10 Ground
11 Reserved, and not used

Note that the connector name is mis-represented so often that even the web address for this page contains D-Sub15, instead of DA-15.

Note this pinout is very nearly the same as a 15-pin SVGA pinout [found under the Video Monitor link].
The difference seems to be with pin 9 which is either 5 volt or a key [in the form of a missing pin]
Because this interface is out of date, expect no updates and the pins that indicate Reserved will not be used.
However care should be taken in the case that some interface did apply a signal to those pins.
The IIC pins refer to a IIC Interface, or two-wire I2C interface [the common name].
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Technical note, this interface is out-dated as with any video or monitor port using a 15-pin D connector.
That's not to say that a brand new monitor may not be purchased with a 15-pin Dsub connector.
The point is newer better performing interfaces are available on both PCs and monitors.

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