SGI Monitor Digital Video Port

This pin out is used with the Silicon Graphics Inc [SGI] Digital Video Monitor Port with a DB-9 pin Connector.
This video interface is obsolete and out-dated.
DB-9 connectors are also in decline; D-Sub Connector Manufacturers, or D-Sub Mechanical Drawing
The serial port pinout is included here as a related interface. However this link covers the RS-232 port.

9-Pin D as used with a SGI Video Monitor

SGI Video Port

GPI stands for General Purpose Interface.

SGI Digital Video Pinout, DB-9
Pin Signal Assignment
1 Analog Video Genlock In
2 Analog Video Genlock Gnd
3 GPI In
4 GPI In Gnd
5 NC [No Connect]
6 Analog Video Genlock loop-through
7 Analog Video Genlock Gnd
8 GPI Out
9 GPI Out Gnd

SGI Serial Port

Serial Port Pinout Assignments
Pin # Signal name Signal Description
1 CD Carrier Detect
2 RXD Receive Data
3 TXD Transmit Data
4 DTR Data Terminal Ready
5 SG Signal Ground
6 DSR Data Set Ready
7 RTS Request To Send
8 CTS Clear To Send
9 RI Ring Indicator

SGI Serial Port Cable

Unlike a serial port which can have only one pin assignment.
A cable may have a different pin assignment on both sides of the cable.
This example is for a SGI Dialbox to O2/Octane connector.
A Dialbox is an obsolete 3D rendering tool, a peripheral component used with computers.

Serial Port Pinout Assignments
Female End
Dial Box
Female End
1 (DCD) Carrier Detect 8 (DCD)
2 (RD) Receive Data3 (RD)
3 (TD) Transmit Data 2 (TD)
5 (SG) Ground 7 (GND)
7 (RTS) Request To Send 4 (RTS)
8 (CTS) Clear To Send 5 (CTS)
9-Pin Db male connector

Silicon Graphics makes Servers and Workstations, among other things.
Related topic; SGI DB-15 Video Interface [also out-dated].

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This product is obsolete or past Phase 6 of the Life Cycle Stages [End-of-Life Definition].
The editor's recommendation is use at your own risk.

Editor Note; The information listed is accurate but the actual interface is obsolete and should not be used for new designs. However; it is possible that there may be legacy systems [fielded systems] which needs to be repaired, reworked, or interfaced to, but other than that it's old technology. As an electrical engineer I would not even use a Dsub connector in a new design. Of course it's understandable that some companies may use a computer until it fails, or that a military system might be fielded for decades.

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