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Resonator Manufacturers

Abracon Corp. {SMD Ceramic Resonators, With or Without Built-in Capacitors; 2MHz to 50MHz. SAW Resonator}

Amplitronix, LLC {SAW Resonator Manufacturer}

Baknor Electronic Industries Inc. {Ceramic Resonators-From 1.26 to 50 MHz From 190 to 1250 kHz-Surface Mount/Through Hole}

Caliber Electronics {Through Hole/Surface Mount; 2pin/ 3 Pin / Built-In Capacitor Ceramic Resonators}

Ecliptek Corp. {Through hole and SMD Quartz Crystal Resonators}

ECS Inc. {Ceramic Resonator Manufacturer}

Fronter Electronics Co.,ltd {Ceramic Resonator, Crystal Resonator Manufacturer}

General Electronic Devices 'GED' {DRO}

Jauch Quartz America, Inc. {2.0MHz - 50MHz Ceramic Resonators, Through Hole/Surface Mount}

KDS {Crystal Resonators, Tuning Fork Crystal Resonators, Automotive Crystal Resonators}

Lap-Tech Inc. {Quartz Resonator}

MtronPTI {Crystal/Resonator Manufacturer, Surface Mount ~ 200MHz}

Oscilent {Ceramic Resonator}

Raltron {Resonator. Through Hole; 1.800MHz to 50MHz. Surface Mount; 20MHz to 50MHz}

RF Monolithics Inc. "RFM" {Resonator Manufacturer}

Vanlong Technology Co., Ltd.
{1.8MHz to 200MHz Crystal Resonator, 10MHz to 1GHz SAW Resonator}

A resonator is a device which can be made to oscillate by receiving oscillations from another system. A device designed to oscillate near it's own frequency.
A resonator may be quartz or ceramic.

The ceramic resonator is a low cost frequency control solution when absolute frequency accuracy is not important.

Ceramic resonators implement the mechanical resonance of piezoelectric ceramics. Ceramic Resonator design utilizes this ceramic substrate by applying two metal electrodes evenly placed on both the top and bottom of the substrate. When voltage is applied, vibration of the ceramic substrate occurs between the electrodes.

Ceramic Resonators inherently reduce the precision for which frequencies can be controlled as compared to Quartz Crystals. When using package size versus cost as the basis for comparison, Ceramic Resonators are approximately 25 - 50% less expensive to produce in the surface mount package category, and approximately 50 - 75% less expensive to produce in the though hole package category as compared to Quartz Crystal products. Some text paraphased from Oscilent Corp.

DRO - Dielectric Resonator Oscillators
SAW Resonator - Surface Acoustic Wave resonator
Tuning Fork Crystal - The crystal is cut in the shape of a tuning fork.

A listing of Resonator manufacturers and vendors. The types of products or devices the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon.

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