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Frequency Bands
Frequency Band
Frequency Range
Freq Usage
HF Band 3MHz - 30MHz-
VHF Band 30MHz - 300MHz-
UHF Band 300MHz - 1.0GHz-
L Band 1.0GHz - 2.0GHz-
S Band 2.0GHz - 4.0GHz-
C Band 4.0GHz - 8.0GHzC Band detail
I Band 8.0GHz - 10.0GHz-
X Band 8.0GHz - 12.0GHzX Band detail
Ku Band 12.0GHz - 18.0GHzKu Band detail
K Band 18.0GHz - 27.0GHzK Band detail
Ka Band 27.0GHz - 40.0GHzKa Band detail
Q Band 36.0GHz - 46.0GHz-

Editor note; As a general statement the United States government no longer uses the letter designations shown in the table above. The US government considers the designations to be legally ambiguous [if memory serves]. It seems that in some cases the military still uses many of these designations, but many of those documents are not updated for years at a time. I have a note on another page where I indicate that: Letter designators of radio frequency bands are imprecise, deprecated, and legally obsolete. However I did not make note of which government agency said that, although it would seem that the FCC would be the agency putting out a statement like that.

US Military Frequency Band Designations
Radar Frequency Bands

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