RS-170 Video Bus


EIA/TIA-170 Electrical Performance Standards - Monochrome Television Studio Facilities.
EIA/TIA-170A NTSC standard used for color television.
Video standard for an Unbalanced, 75 ohm (+/- 5%), Point-to-Point, Coax (Cable) interface, at a frequency of 0Hz to 4.5MHz. By definition, the coax cable and BNC connector is Single-Ended. The analog video signal is transmitted at 1v Peak-to-Peak (0.2 to 3 volts Peak-to-Peak). This specification is still know as RS170 [RS-170] because it has been around so long. Of course EIA-170 really only talks about a Picture Line Amplifier characteristics and output format, and never mentions a coax cable. The only inference is a reference to a Single-ended output and a 75 ohm load. Color TV is called out as using 0.7v [instead of 1v], allowing Black-and-White RS170 to use 0.7 volts as well. The RS-170 standard was replaced by SMPTE 170M.

 RS-170 Cable Pinout
RS-170 Cable; RG59

RG58 / RG59 Cable Diagram
RG-59 Cable Configuration Diagram

RS330: EIA standard provides details for industrial closed-circuit television (CCTV).

STANAG 3350 Analogue Video Standard for Aircraft System Applications;
STANAG 3350 Class C, 525 Lines, 60 Frames/ Sec, based on NTSC, RS-170A
Read more on RG59; Definition of Cable Terms, including graphics.

Editor note; I think the last time the RS-170 standard was updated in the 1970's.
So the fact that the standard calls out RG59 is understandable; however the term RG59 is no longer used.
The acronym RG is out dated and no longer used. The construction and type of cable is still valid, but goes by other names.

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Advanced Television Systems Committee: ATSC []; Recommends specifications for Digital TV to the FCC
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers: SMPTE []

NTSC [National Television System Committee] is used in US
PAL [Phase Alternation by Line] is used outside the US

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