RF Switch Manufacturers

RF Switch Manufacturers

Listing IC RF Switches, Coaxial RF Switch modules, and Waveguide switches

Advanced Technical Materials 'ATM' {Coaxial Pin Diode Solid State Switches, Electro-mechanical Single-Pole/Double-Throw Switches}

Analog Devices {RF IC Switches, SPST, SPDT and SP4T, CMOS and TTL IC devices}

Aeroflex {Coaxial RF Pin Diode Switches, Non-Reflective and Reflective}

Charter Engineering Inc. 'CEI' {Electromechanical Coaxial RF Switches from DC - 26.5 GHz, SMA or Type N Connector}

Cougar Components Corp. {RF IC Switches, Balanced Pin Diode Switches with Integral Drivers}

DAICO Industries, Inc. {RF Switches}

Micronetics, Inc. {High Power Waveguide PIN Diode Switches}

Filtronic {RF Switches}

G.T. Microwave Inc. {Pin Diode Switches; SPxT, DPDT}

Hill Engineering {High Power RF Switches [NF Connector]/ Microwave Diode Switches [SMAF Connector]}

Hittite Microwave Corp. {SPST, SPDT, Switch Modules}

Microwave Components Laboratories Inc. 'MCLI' {Coaxial PIN Diode Switches}

Mid-Atlantic RF Systems, Inc. {Coaxial RF Switches, SMA}

Mini-Circuits {Plug-in and Coaxial Pin diode / GaAs RF Switches}

Miteq {Coaxial RF Switches, SPDT, TTL Control}

Pulsar Microwave Corporation {Coaxial RF Switches}

Radiall {Coaxial RF Switches}

Pascall Electronics Ltd {Microwave Switches}

Renaissance Electronics Corp. {Electro-Mechanical Switches to 20GHz, Switch Matrices}

Sierra Microwave Technology {RF PIN Diode Switch to 26GHz}

Skyworks Solutions Inc {RF Switch Manufacturer, FET, SPST, Multiport, LNB/DBS Switch Matrix}

Spectrum Microwave, Inc. {Coaxial RF Switches; SPST to SP8T, for frequencies from 1 MHz to 3000 MHz. Connectorized Switches, Pin Diode Switches, GaAs Switches}

Teledyne Technologies {Coaxial RF/Microwave Switches, SMA/Type N/SMB, Failsafe/Latching, DC to 26.5GHz}

Tesoel {RF and Microwave Coaxial switches}

RF Switch Component

MIL-DTL-25879; Coaxial RF Switches
MIL-DTL-55041; Waveguide Switches, General Specification

Absorptive Switches Absorptive switches incorporate 50 ohm terminations in each output port, presenting a low VSWR in its OFF and ON position.
Fail-Safe Switches Used when requirements dictate the switch return to the normally closed position when actuator power is removed.
Reflective Switches Reflective switches conduct RF power when the diode is reverse biased and reflect RF power when forward biased.
Waveguide Switch An component specifically designed for mechanically or electronically positioning one or more waveguide sections so as to couple it or them to other sections in a waveguide system.

RF Switch Diagram

A listing of RF Switch Manufacturers.
Switch types listed under the company.

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