RF Phase Shifter Manufacturers

Advanced Control Components Inc.
{PIN diode and GaAs-FET based digital Phase Shifters}

Advanced Technical Materials 'ATM'
{Phase Shifters, 30, 40, 60, 180, 360 degree GHz models}

Crane Aerospace and Electronics
{Phase Shifters: Discriminators & Translators, Frequency Discriminator}

DAICO Industries, Inc.
{RF Phase Shifters}

G.T. Microwave Inc.
{Digitally Controlled Phase shifters; 500 MHz to 24 GHz up to 9:1 bandwidths}

Hittite Microwave Corp.
{Analog Module Phase Shifters}

MEMtronics Corporation
{RF MEMS Phase Shifters}

Micronetics Wireless, Inc.
{X-Band Phase Shifter Module, Analog Phase Shifter}

Pulsar Microwave Corp.
{RF Phase Shifter Narrow and Octave Bandwidth, 9.8-3200 MHz}

A phase shifter is a device that produces a change in phase in the output relative to the input of the circuit. This lists provides Phase shifter as IC's or phase shifter modules.

This is a listing of RF Phase Detector Manufacturers. The types of Phase Shifters are listed under the company name in alphabetic order.

Output voltage response of a Frequency Discriminator
Frequency Discriminator

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