RF IC Manufacturers

Agilent {RF ICs - Hybrid Devices}

Analog Devices {DDS, Gain Blocks, Mixer ICs, RF/IF Transceivers, RF Switches, Detectors}

California Eastern Lab {HEMT Manufacturers, RFICs, RFIC Switches}

CML Microcircuits {RF IC's; Attenuators-Isolators-Couplers-Block/Tees-Shifters-Terminations-Waveguide}

Conexant {Demodulator, Tuner, Cellular, Cordless}

Cougar Components Corp. {Cascadable Amplifiers}

CTT Inc. {Microwave and RF amplifiers Modules and sub-assemblies}

DAICO Industries, Inc. {GaAs, PIN Diode, & Schottky Diode IC RF Switches}

Delta Microwave {Custom and standard RF and Micro-wave components}

Filtronic {RF Discrete pHEMTS, MMICs}

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. {RF Amplifier ICs, CATV, GPS}

Hittite Microwave Corp. {Surface Mount Passive IC Mixer}

Infineon {Modulators, Receivers, Mixer, Fiber}

Intersil {Amplifier, Video Amp}

LSI Corporation {Wireless IC Manufacturer}

MA-COM {GaAs MMIC Amplifier Manufacturer}

Marki Microwave Inc. {RF Amplifiers}

Maxim {Video Amplifier/Buffer-Video RGB Switch}

Melexis {Radio-Frequency ICs (RFICs) - FSK/FM/ASK}

Merrimac Industries Inc. {Stripline Power Dividers, Filters, Couplers, Chip Mixers}

Micronetics Wireless, Inc. {MMIC Amplifier Manufacturer}

Microsemi {RF Power VDMOS Transistors, LDMOS Transistors, Bipolar Transistors}

Microwave Components Laboratories Inc. 'MCLI' {Stripline Power Dividers/Combiners}


NJR Corporation {RF Modulator IC, SAW Filter Manufacturer}

oclaro {mmWave/MESFET/pHEMT Amplifiers-Attenuators}

Pascall Electronics Ltd {RF Components}


Renesas Technology Corp {RF Power Modules-FMIF-LNA Mixers-PLL Synthesizers}

RFMD {RF power amplifier components for wireless communications/networking markets}

RF Monolithics {RFIC Radios , RF Transceivers, RF Transmitters}

Silicon Laboratories {Wireless RF transceiver/Synthesizer/Cesium Clock ICs/DDA/SLIC}

Skyworks Solutions Inc {Hybrids, Couplers, Attenuator, Power Dividers, Switches, WLAN}

STMicroelectronics {Power - Transistor - Power Module Manufacturer}

Temex Components {RF Oscillators & Filters}

Triquint Semiconductor {Switches, Wireless IC Manufacturer}

RF Integrated Circuit Manufacturers
IC types listed under the company name in alphabetic order.

2N6603 RF Transistor

MIL-DTL-28875 - Amplifiers,
Radio-Frequency and Microwave,
Solid-State, General Specification

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