RF Frequency Doubler Manufacturers

Companies making Frequency Doubler Modules;

Cougar Components Corp.
{Frequency Doublers, 50 ohm systems}

Crane Aerospace and Electronics
{RF Up and Down Converters}

CTT Inc.
{Frequency doublers and triplers for minimeter wave}

Hittite Microwave Corp.
{GaAs MMIC x2 Active Frequency Multiplier Modules}

Marki Microwave Inc.
{RF Frequency Doublers}

Microphase Corp.
{Switch Filters}

Pulsar Microwave Corp.
{Frequency Doublers, Frequency Quadruplers; SMA BNC, TNC, F, and N connectors}

This is a listing of RF Frequency Doubler Manufacturers. The types of Frequency Doublers are listed under the company name in alphabetic order.
Note some devices produced may also be amplified, and also using a common SMA connector. 50 ohms is the standard impedance.
Companies producing RF Components.

RF Component Vendors

PC motherboard

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