RF Filter Manufacturers

Component Vendors;

Anatech Electronics Inc.
{RF Filters Highpass, Lowpass, Bandpass & Bandstop, Switched Filter Banks}

Integrated Microwave
{RF Filter Module Manufacturer}

K&L Microwave
{Microwave Filters, RF Filters}

{YIG Filters, Microwave filters}

Pole/Zero Corp.
{Modular Digitally Tuned RF Filters and Pre-selectors}

RS Microwave Company, Inc
{RF Filters, Microwave filter}

Teledyne Microwave
{Microwave Yig filters and RF filters}

RF and microwave filters function the same as filters used with lower frequencies.
A low-pass filter which passes the low frequency signals below a predetermined frequency. A high-pass filter which passes the high frequency signals above a predetermined frequency. A band-pass filter which passes signals between two predetermined frequencies.

Specification tips; The Filter type may be a board mount or coaxial module; covering a bandpass, low-pass, band-reject or high-pass filter frequency spectrum.

This is a listing of RF Filter Module Manufacturers.
The types of ICs are listed under the company name in alphabetic order.


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