RF Coupler Manufacturers

Advanced Technical Materials'ATM'
{Directional Couplers}

Atlantic Microwave Corp.
{specialized couplers in waveguide sizes 1 - 50 GHz}

Crane Aerospace and Electronics
{5dB / 10 dB Directional Couplers, 20 dB Bi-Directional Couplers}

DAICO Industries, Inc.
{RF Couplers}

JDS Uniphase Corp.
{Couplers/Splitters/ WDMs}

{Couplers, Directional, Dual-Directional, 90o an 180o Hybrids, Custom Spec, Octave, Multi-Octave, Ultra-Broadband}

M2 Global Technology Inc.
{Directional Couplers}

MECA Electronics Inc.
{RF Directional Couplers, SMA Directional Couplers, N-Type Directional Couplers, 50/500 watts}

Merrimac Industries Inc.
{Directional Couplers; SMA, BNC, SMA Microwave Couplers}

Pulsar Microwave Corp.
{Directional Couplers}

Sierra Microwave Technology
{Waveguide Couplers}

A directional coupler is a component that couples part of the transmitted energy of a transmission line onto another transmission line. The coupling between lines is passive, using no active components. The diagram above shows the function of the four ports. A directional coupler is used to sample the main line without interrupting the power flow within the system.

The coupling factor is the ratio of the coupled ports power to the power in the input port, normally expressed in dB. RF couplers are frequency depend. So a coupler is specified by the frequency range of operation and the amount of coupling between ports, including its accuracy. The coupler is also defined by the isolation between the input port and the isolated port.

A listing of RF Coupler Manufacturers. Types of Couplers listed under the company name in alphabetic order. More RF Component Manufacturers

RF Directional Coupler
Directional Coupler

MIL-DTL-15370: Directional Couplers
Defines directional couplers.

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