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Coax Connector Frequency Range

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The chart below provides the operational frequency ranges for a number of different styles of RF connectors.

RF Connector Freq Range
Maximum Usable Frequency for RF Connectors

The RF Connector types provided in the chart are BNC, SMA, SSMA, SMA, TNC, Type N, SC and others.

The BNC style connector has the lowest operational frequency range. SMA has the next lowest bandwidth, at 10GHz.
Both the SMC and SC connector styles will operate to just above 10GHz, a few GHz above the SMC connector.
The chart shows that the APC-7, SMA, and Type N all function to about 17GHz; SMA and Type N connectors are very popular styles.
The connector type SSMA style will operate up to around 26GHz.
Notice the best connectors are the APC-3.5 [34GHz], and the APC-2.4 [49GHz].

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What is the frequency range of RF connectors, or the maximum operational frequency range.
Which RF connector operates at the highest frequency.

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