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QuickPath Interconnect Description

QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) A point-to-point processor interconnect was developed by Intel in 2008 to replace their processor front side bus interface. QPI also goes under the name of Common System Interface [CSI] and is defined as a variable width, point to point, packet-based interface implemented as two uni-directional links with low-voltage differential signaling. A full width CSI link is physically configured with 20 bit lanes in each direction; these bit lanes are divided into four quadrants of 5 bit lanes, providing 12-16GB/s of bandwidth in each direction.

The QuickPath Interconnect is also called the Common System Interface within Intel.
A related term is QuickPath Technology and is used on both Xeon Desk top processors and Itanium server processors.
It's not likely to run across a QuickPath Interconnect unless your working directly with an Intel processor. Although companies do make connectors to accept the interface, so it may be possible to find the interface on ICs other than a processor. Or at least moving between ICs over two circuit boards mated by the same connector.

QuickPath Interconnect Connectors

Tyco Electronics Corporation
{3/5 pair 85 ohm connector; fully protected right-angle and vertical receptacles for use on daughter cards and mezzanine boards}

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