Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processor Die

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Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor Die, color image
Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processor Die

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Definition; The Die is the silicon portion of an integrated circuit.
The silicon Die is secured to a base material, wire bonded to its leads and then capped to form an integrated circuit.

I believe this is a false color image.
The four processor cores are the orange-green blocks on each side of the die.
The memory blocks in the center separate each of two processor pairs above and below.

As of 2011 there could be as many as 12 processor cores embedded in an Opteron processor.
However they will look pretty much like the graphic above, but with that many more blocks.
That is, a 12 core processor will appear as above, but with 3x the number of blocks.

Picture that depict AMD; Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor.
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