Power Management IC Manufacturers

OEMs of Power Management ICs by type.

Linear LDO Regulators; Bipolar LDO ICs, CMOS LDO ICs, Multi-Output LDO ICs

uP Supervisory ICs; Voltage Detector ICs, up Reset ICs, Watchdog Timer ICs

DC-DC Converter ICs; Buck Converter, Boost Converter, Buck/Boost Converter, Buck/Boost LDO ICs

Charge Pump ICs; Charge Pump ICs, Regulated Out-put, LED Driver ICs

AC-DC ICs; Flyback Controller ICs

Flat Panel Controller ICs; Direct Drive CCFL Controller, Royer CCFL Controller

Analog Switches; All styles

Battery Control ICs; Battery Monitoring, Battery Management ICs, Battery Charger ICs

Voltage Reference ICs; Fixed Voltage Reference ICs, Adjustable Voltage Reference ICs, Shunt Regulator ICs

The nine major sections for Power Management ICs are listed above. There are many other IC types. Integrated Circuit Devices listed on the Semiconductors Manufacturers page, or use the Components icon below.

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