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A listing of Power Connector Manufacturers and Related sites.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.

Power Connector Manufacturers

Main Power Connector types: IEC320-14 1 (now IEC 60320), NEMA 5-15 2, and MIL-DTL-2726.
Inlet: Female case, male pin; Outlet: Male case female pin
IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) ~ International Standards Body
NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) ~ US Standards Body
MIL (US Military Standard)

IEC and NEMA AC Receptacle Comparison
IEC Inlet & NEMA Inlet

Adam Technologies Inc. {IEC320 Inlets/Outlets}

Bulgin Components PLC {IEC and EN 60320 specifications carrying UL, CSA, VDE approvals}

Delta Electronics Inc {IEC Inlet Filters/Connectors}

Hubbell {Straight Blade - E Grip - Pin Sleeve TVS - Twist Lock}

ICI 'International Configurations Inc' {European plugs/outlets/connectors-IEC 60309 (309)/IEC 60320 (320) connectors/inlets/outlets/plugs}

Inalways Corporation Electronics {The Power Entry Professional}

Molex {Power Inlet Connector}

Okaya {Power Line Filter / Inlet Connector}

Positronic Industries {Sub-D Connectors, Power Pin Connector}

Power Dynamics Inc. {IEC 60320, NEMA Power Inlet Connector, EMI-RFI, Pin & sleeve}

Qualtek Electronics Corp. {AC Receptacles-IEC320 Power Inlet/Outlet-NEMA 5-15R Outlet-Retainer Clips-Multi Function Modules}

SAE Power Inc. {RFI Power Line Filter}

Schaffner {RFI Power Line Filter Manufacturer}

Schurter {Power / AC Inlet Manufacturer}

Switchcraft {Power/AC Inlet, and Contact threaded MIL-C-5015 type plastic connectors}

Tyco Electronics

Winchester Electronics {Card to Card Power}

MIL-DTL-2726; Receptacles, Receptacle Plugs, Switch and Receptacles, and Electrical Outlets, General Specification.
Covering the general requirements for power type electrical plugs, receptacles, switch and receptacle combinations, and outlets.
MIL-DTL-2726 is used in direct current (dc) circuits up to 250 volts, or in alternating current (ac) circuits up to 600 volts at frequencies up to 400Hz.

AC Power Module
AC Inlet Module

NMEA Power Connector Designations

NEMA 5 is the designation for a three-wire grounding plug for 125 volt systems, so the most common selection when designing gear.
The dash 15 [5-15] indicates the amount of current the component is designed to handle. A 15 represents 15 amps, a 20 would represent 20 amps.
NEMA 1 is the ungrounded two conductor connector which is more common with some consumer equipment.
NEMA 6 is also a three wire connector, but having a different pin configuration, and used to designate 208 V and 240 V systems [250 volts max].
There are other NEMA classifications, but none that directly relate to designing electrical gear [computer and communication equipment].
An L preceding the 5 [L5-15] indicates a locking or twist-lock connection. While the absence of L indicates a standard push-in plug.
A P or R [L5-15P] should also be present to indicate the the connection is either a plug and receptacle
Note; The inlet connector needs to match the current rating of the cord, otherwise the pin configurations will be different.

IEC 60320 Power Connector Designations

The designations are of course different under the IEC standard.
However a C13 female receptacle and C14 male plug would be the corresponding types to the NEMA ones.
IEC-320-C14 [60320-14] would be the designation for a C14 type connector, 10 amps for this category.
The female connector (receptacles) have odd numbers, while the male conenctor (plugs) have even numbers.
The classification for C15 & C16 are very similar except they are keyed, the inlet has a ridge extension, the connector has a cut-away.

The IEC uses three straight blades, while NEMA uses one rounded blade contact [shown above].

Read more on Equipment Chassis Inlet Power Considerations [part of the equipment chassis design section].

Design hint; I have seen at least one engineer select a non-US standard power cord with out realizing it, or knowing any better.
Then only to get burned later when they tried to spice into it and found that the wire insulation did not match the commonly used U.S. standard.
Refer to the standard AC Wire Insulation Color Code used in the States, or in other countries.

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A listing of Power Connector Manufacturers and Related sites.
The products the companies produced are listed under the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.
Both US Commercial and Military standard power connectors are listed above. American and European style AC power connectors are also listed.

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