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A listing of Position Sensor Manufacturers, vendors listed in alphabetic order.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Buses used to read sensors are listed on the Sensor Buses page.

Position Sensor Manufacturers


Aleph International Corp. {Proximity Sensors; Magnet Actuation, Shield Actuation, Lever Actuation}

Altech Corp. {Inductive Proximity Sensors}

American Electronic Components Inc. {Position Switches}

Banner Engineer Corp. {Limit Switch, Distance measurement}

Balluf {Inductive Proximity Sensors}

BI Technologies {Linear Position Sensor}

Canfield Connector {Magnetic Proximity Sensors}

Cherry Electrical Products {Magnetic Proximity Sensors}

Comus International {Tilt / Tip Over Switches - Vibration/Movement Sensing Switches - Proximity Switches}

CTS Corp. {Automotive Sensor}

Diodes Inc. {AMR Magnetic Field Sensors, Angular Sensors}

Hamlin {Proximity Sensors}

HID {Proximity Card Readers}

HiTech Technologies Inc. {Proximity Sensors}

Infineon {Motion Sensors}

Keyence Corp. {Amplifier-in-Cable Compact Proximity Sensor, Self-contained Proximity Sensor, Long-distance Separate-amplifier Proximity Sensors}

Measurement Specialties Inc. {Rotary Sensors, Tilt Sensors}

Melexis {Rotary Sensor ICs}

Motion Sensors Inc "MSI" {Position Sensors}

MTS Systems Corp. {liquid level sensors,Magnetostrictive linear position sensors}

Panasonic Electric Works {Limit Switch-Proximity Sensors}

Standex Electronics {Proximity Sensors}

SSAC {AC Current Sensor-Motion/Zero Speed Detection}

Vishay {Motion transducers}

The longer probe measures the low level, while the shorter probe measures the high level liquid.
The shortest probe indicates the container is full of liquid, and sounds an alarm.

Liquid Sensor probes in conductive liquid

Air Flow Alarm Unit Manufacturers & Water Flow Alarm Units & Temperature Alarms

A listing of component Position Sensor Manufacturers, vendors and related sites, listed in alphabetic order, under one of the following headings; Acceleration Sensor Manufacturers, Hall Effect Sensor Manufacturers, Optical Sensor Manufacturers, Position Sensor Manufacturers, Temperature Sensor Manufacturers, and Other Sensor Manufacturers. The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. Additional component or Equipment manufacturers may be found using the icons below.

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