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Phase-Change Memory

No manufacturers yet, this is a new type of memory structure.
There are no companies that produce Phase-Change Memory yet, but Numonyx may begin sampling Phase-Change Memory early in 2010.
However there are a few companies that have produced Phase-Change Memory Prototypes; Intel and ST Microelectronics.
Numonyx had indicated that volume production of Phase-Change Memory could start by the end of 2010.
However Numonyx was acquired by Micron at the start of 2010.

This is a listing of Phase-change IC Memory manufacturers. Phase-change memory is a type of Non-Volatile memory.

IC Memory Acronyms listing.

Phase-Change Memory is also known as PCM, PRAM, PCRAM,
Ovonic Unified Memory, Chalcogenide RAM, or C-RAM are also called Phase-Change Memory.

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