PMC Mezzanine Bus

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PMC Mezzanine Bus

PMC: PCI Mezzanine Card. IEEE 1386.1; IEEE Standard Physical and Environmental Layers for PCI Mezzanine Cards: PMC.
IEEE 1386.1 is the electrical standard for a CMC module. PMC uses the PCI bus spec in a new form factor.
PMC board use either 3.3v or 5v signals over the PCI bus. Maximum power dissipation is also defined.
The PMC bus will support both 32 bit PCI at 33MHz and 64 bit PCI at 64MHz.
The single width card size is 74mm x 149mm x 8.2mm, allowing two PMC modules to exist on a 6U Euro-Card format ~ VME or cPCI card.
A double width card measures 149mm x 149mm x 8.2mm, but allows only one mezzanine card to reside on the mother board.
The component height off the board is 4.7mm, the reverse side allows for 3.5mm off the card.
Provided the PMC card resides 10mm above the mother board (rising above the P2 connectors) the card length may be increased to 155mm.

Five connectors are defined: (2 rows x 32 pins @ 1mm)
Pn1/Jn1 -Pn2/Jn2 connector: Provides 32 bit PCI
Pn3/Jn3 connector: Allows 64 bit PCI
Pn4/Jn4 connector: Provides 64 bit backplane I/O (Optional).
When 2 PMCs are mounted on a Mother Board. Either half of each PMC is mapped or all one PMC is mapped ~ but not all of both.
Pn5/Jn5 connector: Provides user defined signals (Optional)

VITA 20-199x - Conduction Cooled PCI Mezzanine Card (CCPMC)
VITA 32-199x - Processor PMC Standard For Processor PCI Mezzanine Cards [PPMC]
VITA 35-199x - PMC-P4 Pin Out Mapping To VME-P0 and MVE64x-P2
VITA 36-199x - PIM (PMC Interface Module) PMC I/O Module Standard (Rear I/O PMC)
PICMG 2.3 R1.0 - PMC I/O Pin Assignments on CompactPCI;
Defines user I/O pin mappings from IEEE 1386 PMC sites to J3/P3, J4/P4, and J5/P5 on a CompactPCI.

PMC modules support Mother Board front panel connections via a bezel ~ with the Mother board providing an opening in their front panel (71.8mm x 13.2mm). Other types of PMC mezzanine; PIM PMC Interface Module, uses rear I/O and does not utilize a front bezel; PTMC PCI Telcom Mezzanine Card, PMCx PCI-X on PMC, and PPMC Processor PMC uses the same pin out as the PMC module but increases the maximum component height.
PTMC is based on the four connector standard PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC). The PTMC provides all of the traditional PMC 32-bit PCI signals on the Pn1 and Pn2 connectors, and supports specialized telecom interfaces on Pn3 and Pn4. PTMC coexists with PMC and supports three popular industry standard telecom bus interfaces and Ethernet. The PCI Telecom Mezzanine Card Specification defines pin locations on Pn3/Jn3 and Pn4/Jn4 for signals of the RMII, Ethernet PHY Management Interface, UTOPIA Level 1, UTOPIA Level 2, POS-PHY Level 2, and ECTF H.110 interfaces.

Note the up-grade path for PMC modules is the PPMC Module [discussed below].

Single wide and double wide PMC board dimensions
Single-wide & Double-wide PMC Boards

PMC Pinout

PMC/PPMC 32 Bit Connector Pin Outs and Signal names
PN1 Connector
PN2 Connector
Pin # Signal name Pin # Signal name Pin # Signal name Pin # Signal name
1 TCK 2 -12v 1 +12v 2 TRST#
3 Ground 4 INTA# 3 TMS 4 TDO
5 INTB# 6 INTC# 5 TDI 6 Ground
7 PRESENT# 8 +5v 7 Ground 8 PCI-A9
9 INTD# 10 PCI-B14 9 PCI-B10 10 PCI-A11
11 Ground 12 3.3Vaux 11 PUP 12 +3.3v
13 PCICLK 14 Ground 13 RST# 14 PDN
15 Ground 16 GNT# 15 +3.3v 16 PDN
17 REQ# 18 +5v 17 PME# 18 Ground
19 V{I/O} 20 AD[31] 19 AD[30] 20 AD[29]
21 AD[28] 22 AD[27] 21 Ground 22 AD[26]
23 AD[25] 24 Ground 23 AD[24] 24 +3.3v
25 Ground 26 C/BE[3]# 25 IDSEL 26 AD[23]
27 AD[22] 28 AD[21] 27 +3.3v 28 AD[20]
29 AD[19] 30 +5v 29 AD[18] 30 Ground
31 V[I/O] 32 AD[17] 31 AD[16] 32 C/BE[2]#
33 FRAME# 34 Ground 33 Ground 34 IDSELB
35 Ground 36 IRDY# 35 TRDY# 36 +3.3v
37 DEVSEL# 38 +5v 37 Ground 38 STOP#
39 Ground 40 LOCK# 39 PERR# 40 Ground
41 PCI-A40 42 PCI-A41 41 +3.3v 42 SERR#
43 PAR 44 Ground 43 C/BE[1]# 44 Ground
45 V[I/O] 46 AD[15] 45 AD[14] 46 AD[13]
47 AD[12] 48 AD[11] 47 M66EN 48 AD[10]
49 AD[09] 50 +5v 49 AD[08] 50 +3.3v
51 Ground 52 C/BE[0]# 51 AD[07] 52 REQB#
53 AD[06] 54 AD[05] 53 +3.3v 54 GNTB#
55 AD[04] 56 Ground 55 PMC-RSVD 56 Ground
57 V[I/O] 58 AD[03] 57 PMC-RSVD 58 EREADY
59 AD[02] 60 AD[01] 59 Ground 60 RESETOUT#
61 AD[00] 62 +5v 61 ACK64# 62 +3.3v
63 Ground 64 REQ64# 63 Ground 64 MONARCH#

PPMC Board Description

Processor PMC [PrPMC], VITA32, For Processor PCI Mezzanine Cards.
Processor PMC is an extension to the PMC specification to support CPU based cards.
The purpose of the Processor PMC interface is to enhance the functionality of the PMC daughter boards allowing higher order processor functions.
The signaling protocols remains the same between the PMC board and Processor PMC boards.
However some of the pins used with PMC have been repurposed by the PPMC standard.
The upgraded PPMC standard allows the mezzanine card to operate at either 33MHz or 66MHz speeds.

The carrier card most be designed to handle a Processor PMC board, and or a PMC board.
If a PPMC board is plugged into a carrier card that operates with a PMC board than the PPMC board will default to PMC operation.
However if the carrier card is designed to accept a PPMC than the mezzanine card will function at 66MHz.
The mechanical format follows the Common Mezzanine Card [CMC] specification [IEEE1386].
The Processor PMC board formats follow the size of PMC boards.
Two board heights are allowed; 10mm and 20mm high boards.
Note; primarily the Processor PMC standard only covers the differences between the upgrade and the current PMC specification.

PMC-X Board Description

PMC-X: is a PCI-X interface in a Mezzanine Card 'PMC' format. A PCI Mezzanine Card, X revision, running at 100MHz or 133MHz.
PMC-X was defined in VITA 39 [2003], which is part of the VME series of specifications:
ANSI/VITA 39; PCI-X for PMC and Processor PMC.
PMC-X uses both IEEE 1386 CMC ("Common Mezzanine Card") and IEEE 1386.1 PMC ("PCI Mezzanine Card") specifications.
Also refer to the Mezzanine card descriptions page for other types of Mezzanine boards.
The PC expansions slot for the PCI-X bus was only found in industrial systems, primarily servers and embedded systems.
In other words the PCI-X version of PCI was a small off-shoot, seldom used outside mainstream personal computers.
PMC-X is the industrial follow on to PCI-X and moves PCI-X into the PMC form factor of mezzanine cards.

This board I/O format should not be used in a new design. The PCI interface was replaced by PCIe a few years ago.
The PCI-X was just a variation of that spec and only used when a small speed increase was required.
Another mezzanine format should be used unless the carrier card only uses PMC-X. See PMC or PrPMC [PPMC].

PMC-X Board Manufacturers

4DSP {Virtex-5 FPGA PMC/PMC-X, Virtex-4}


Technobox inc. {32/64 Bit 33/66 MHz PCI-X to PMC-X Adapter}

The main list of PMC-X Board Manufacturers for a more complete listing of circuit card assemblies [CCA].

A listing of companies that manufacture PMC-X Mezzanine cards
Don't expect new PMC-X format cards to be released.
The only cards being offered on the market should be as replacement boards for cards already sold.

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