Green Mouse DIN Connector Plug

PC Mouse PinOut

Computer Mouse Interface Bus; The Mouse port found on most Personal Computers uses a 6-pin mini DIN connector and has the pin out shown below.
The mouse port is usually located right next to the key-board port and is color coded green, to distinguish it from the keyboard connector.
All thought not as common the PS/2 Mouse interface, a mouse may also be found with a serial interface [Serial Mouse].
PS2 to USB adapter cables are also produced allowing newer peripheral devices to be used with older personal computers.
Many new Motherboards just use the USB port as the mouse interface. The Mouse interface run using standard TTL signaling levels.
The standard cable length is around 4 feet, 6 foot and 10 foot extension cables are also common for the PS/2 mouse interface.

The clock and Data lines are standard TTL logic levels.
The 5 volt line powers the mouse circuitry

Mouse DIN Connector Pinout Orientation

Mouse Pin Out
Pin No. Signal name Description
1 Data Data
2 NC No Connection
3 GND Ground
4 +5v 5 Volts
5 CLK Clock
6 NC No Connection

The MAC used a 4-pin ADB interface for the Mouse interface, now replaced by USB.
The Sun computer used a 8-pin mini-Din for the Mouse interface [Sun Mouse Pinout], now replaced by USB.
The personal computer uses a 5-pin mini DIN for the Keyboard interface.

PC Mouse Manufacturers

Computer Mouse Manufacturers
KVM Manufacturers [Keyboard - Video - Mouse Switch]

IBM Compatible PCs still ship with a miniDIN Mouse Port.
USB connections offer little over the miniDIN, other than not requiring a separate miniDIN connector.
That must reduce assembly costs, not having to stock a different connector.
In any case, either interface would be operating at the same speed, as a mouse only needs to move so fast.
These days, even if you purchase a desk-top tower a keyboard and mouse are supplied.
Because those components are supplied, the PC mouse could be a DIN or USB connector, made to connect to their tower.
For reference see more types of Circular Mini-Din Styles.

PC motherboard

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