Musical Instrument Digital Interface


5-pin MIDI DIN connector
5-pin MIDI

MIDI Interface Bus; [Musical Instrument Digital Interface]:
MIDI defines the electrical and physical interface over a 5-pin DIN connector, on a 64 ohm cable.
MIDI also defines the protocol used over the interface, which happen to be digital instructions and not music.

The MIDI interface uses three different pinouts which are all defined on a 5-pin DIN connector;
MIDI In, MIDI Out, and MIDI Thru.

MIDI 5-pin DIN connector Pinout

MIDI Pin Out
Pin No. IN Signal name THRU Signal name Out Signal name
1 No Connect No Connect No Connect
2 No Connect Shield Shield
3 No Connect No Connect No Connect
4 IN+ +5v +5v

The MIDI port used with Personal Computers when found on sound cards uses a 15pin D connector
The 15-pin MIDI connector has the following pin out; Joystick pinout.
There really is no 15-pin D defined in the current Motherboard standards used as a game port.
The Joystick connector is found on sound cards

MIDI IN Circuit diagram MIDI THRU Circuit diagram MIDI OUT Circuit diagram
IC Circuitry for the MIDI In, MIDI Thru and MIDI Out Interfaces

MIDI 5-pin DIN connector and 15-Pin D Connector
MIDI Connectors

Addition Personal Computer Buses.
Listing of PC Gear Manufacturers

MPU401: [Midi Processing Unit 401], Developed by Roland.

The board-side MIDI connectors are the plugs and the cable ends are the male Jacks.

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