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PC Game Controllers;
PC Joystick Interface Bus; The Joystick port used with Personal Computers uses a 15pin D connector and has the following pin out.
There really is no 15-pin D connector defined in the current Motherboard standards used as a game port.
The Joystick connector is found on sound cards and uses the pin out defined below.
Note the pin out shown on the connector is the computer side of the interface and not the cable end.
The connector is officially called a DA-15, but DB-15 is in common usage.
The size is located on the DA-15 physical dimensions page, for a size 20 contacts, 15-pin D-sub.

DB15 Joystick connector & Pinout
Joystick Connector

JoyStick Pin Out
Pin No. Signal name Description
1 +5v Power
2 A Right Button Joystick/A Right Button
3 A/ X-Position Joystick/A X-Coordinate
4 Signal GND Ground
5 Signal GND Ground
6 A/ Y-Position Joystick/A Y-Coordinate
7 A Left Button Joystick/A Left Button
8 +5v Power
9 +5v Power
10 B Right Button Joystick/B Right Button
11 B/ X-Position Joystick/B X-Coordinate
12 MIDI Out MIDI Output
13 B/ Y-Position Joystick/B Y-Coordinate
14 B Left Button Joystick/B Left Button
15 MIDI In MIDI Input

The Joystick connector was never a common interface, and not a standard interface.
The user has to specifically request a sound card which uses the interconnect, or maybe purchase a Gaming computer.
Either way, this is not a connector you should expect to find on the bach of a computer.
In fact like all the other DB connector interfaces, this one has also been replaced by the more common USB Interface.
So any new joystick will have a USB cable attached to it, unless there are still a few manufacturers catering to the legacy joystick market.

Either way this is an out-dated and obsolete cable interface, no longer used in current products.
Unless a specific needs arises, circuit designs should no longer use this interface, or pin out.
Of course the signal assignments would be totally different on a 2-wire USB interface, having nothing in common with the signals listed here.

MIDI [Musical Instrument Digital Interface]: MIDI In, MIDI Out, and MIDI Thru. MIDI uses a 5-pin DIN connector.
MPU401: [MIDI Processing Unit 401], Developed by Roland. Additional interfaces and PC Pinouts.

Note; there is, or was, another common 15-pin D-sub connector used as a video interface, but that connector used 15 pins arranged in three rows.
That high-density video connector would not mate with this style and other than being a Dsub, look completely different.

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