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A listing of COTS 1x PCI Express Card manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the manufacturers produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

PCI Express 1x Board Manufacturers

PCI Express cards [PCIe]
PCI Express cards will not fit into a standard PCI slot, or an AGP slot. PCI Express is not backward compatible with PCI or AGP, the connectors and signal levels are different.

The Mother Board has to have a PCI Express card slot, in this case at least a 1x slot. Video cards in PCI-E format will normally be in the x16 format [which is replacing the AGP card slot], however there are some 1x PCIe video cards. So the Motherboard must have one x16 [Lane] PCI Express card slot. Additional PCI Express mother board card slots will be of the x1 type [listed here].

The PCI Express [PCIe] page provides a description and additional PCI Express OEM manufacturing links for IC's and connectors.


1x PCIe Video Cards:

Black magic Design
{PCIe 1x High Defintion Multimedia Interface (HDMI) editing card}

Compro Technolgy Inc.
{PCI-Express universal analog TV/FM capture card, hybrid PCI-Express DVB-T and analog TV/FM capture card}

High Point Technologies Inc.
{SAS and SATA RAID Controllers}

{Matrox Millennium G550 PCIe 1x Graphics Card}

Power Color Computer Inc
{multimedia center / TV Tuner 1x PCIe}

{PCIe RAID; two port eSATA II, 1x PCI Express}

16x PCIe Board Manufacturers page.


{PCIe Board Manufacturers Index}

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