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Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI)
The Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) defines the electrical and mechanical interfaces to NAND ICs. At 200 MB/s, ONFI is the fastest NAND interface standard on the planet. These high speeds are made possible by the bidirectional source-synchronous DQS and scalable I/O interface, which also make optimizing one NAND device (or 16) easy.

Open NAND Flash Interface Specification [Revision 2.0 27-February-2008]
This specification defines a standardized NAND Flash device interface that provides the means for a system to be designed that supports a range of NAND Flash devices without direct design pre-association.

Open NAND Flash Interface Specification: NAND Connector [Connector Revision 1.0 23-April-2008]
Defines the standard NAND flash module form factors, and the form, fit and function of the standard NAND module connectors for the NAND flash modules.

See Also, Common Flash Interface;
The Common Flash Interface (CFI) specification outlines device and host system software interrogation handshake, which allows specific vendor-specified software algorithms to be used for entire families of devices. Software support can then be device-independent, JEDEC ID-independent, and forward and backward-compatible for the specified flash device families [which sounds like a protocol]. Flash vendors can standardize their existing interfaces for long-term compatibility.

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