Nexus5001 Description

An embedded processor debug interface standard for embedded control applications. The Nexus standard defines an extensible Auxiliary Port (AUX) that may either be used with the IEEE 1149.1 port or as a stand-alone development port. The Nexus standard defines the auxiliary pin functions, transfer protocols, and standard development features.

Standard for a Global Embedded Processor Debug Interface, Revision 2.0, 2003
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Nexus 5001 Connector Manufacturers

Three possible connector options are available to be used for an AUX only connection or a combined IEEE-1149.1-Auxiliary connection.
Number of pins is 25, 26, 37, 38, 40, 50, 51, 78, or 100
Note; On all connector options, unused pins should be left as no connects.

Connector Manufacturers
AMP, 'Tyco'

Vendor Part Numbers and Family / Manufacturer;
1-104068-2, AMP System 50
104549-6, AMP System 50
104549-7, AMP System 50
104549-0, AMP System 50
MR7580-25P2BNU, Glenair MicroD
MR7580-37P2BNU, Glenair MicroD
MR7580-51P2BNU, Glenair MicroD
MR7580-100P2BNU, Glenair MicroD
767054-1, AMP MICTOR
Substitute Tyco for Amp.

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