Multifunction Vehicle Bus

MVB Description

MVB [Multifunction Vehicle Bus] is used in rail applications.
The Multifunction Vehicle Bus appears to be a european standard based on IEC 61375.
No references to US specifications have been found.

EMD (Electrical Middle Distance medium) physical interface.
ESD (Electrical Short Distance medium).
OGF (Optical Glass Fiber medium).
TCN (Train Communication Network) railway standard IEC 61375
WTB Wire Train Bus

MVB Boards and Modules

Dilax Door Slave Module

EKE-Electronics Ltd VME Multifunction Vehicle Bus Interface modules, VME Wire Train Bus Interface modules

Eurotech S.p.A. PC/104 Module MVB Device Class: 3 (4 optional)

MEN GmbH PCI-104 Module with MVB Interface, MVB transmitter/receiver

Related Board Manufacturers
PC/104 Card Manufacturers
VME Card Manufacturers

MVB Standards Information

IEC 61375-1
Electronic railway equipment - Train communication network - Part 1: TCN Train Communication Network General Architecture
IEC 61375-2-1
Electronic railway equipment - Train Communication Network - Part 2-1: WTB - Wire Train Bus
IEC 61375-2-2
Electronic railway equipment - Train communication Network - Part 2-2: WTB - Wire Train Bus conformance testing
IEC 61375-3-1
Electronic Railway Equipment - Train Communication Network - Part 3-1: MVB - Multipurpose Vehicle Bus
IEC 61375-3-2
Electronic railway equipment - Train communication Network - Part 3-2: MVB - Multipurpose Vehicle Bus Conformance Testing
IEC 61375-3-3
Electronic Railway Equipment - Train Communication Network - Part 3-3: CCN - CANopen Consist Network
IEC 61375-3-4
Railways applications - TCN vehicle bus based on ISO/IEC 15802-1 and ISO/IEC 8802-2/3 series LAN

Protocol info;
CANopen {CANbus Higher Layer Protocol}

MVB Interface IC Vendors

No Integrated Circuits are listed yet.
It might be that the interface uses normal IC functions, with out a special protocol.
That is the electrical interface may not require a special interface and/or uses a predefined protocol.

IC Manufacturers

PC motherboard

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