MultiMedia Card Pinout

Multi Media Card, Pin Out

MultiMedia Card uses a 7-Pin connector [1 rows of 7 pins]. The 7-pin connector is on 2.5-mil centers. The seven pin interface consists of three pins dedicated to the SPI serial bus [SCK, SI, and SO], a Chip Select signal [CS], a Chip Reset [RESET], a Write Protect line [WP], and an output Ready/Busy [RDY/Busy] signal. All of the control signals except the RDY signal are active low. The SPI interface uses the Serial Clock [SCK] line, Serial Input [SI], and the Serial Output [SO] line. How ever the physical DataFlash card does not have all the signals listed above, refer to the pinout table shown below. A few of the signals listed above may only be found on the DataFlash Integrated Circuits [ICs]. A smaller form factor of MMC is called Reduced Size MultiMedia Card [RS-MMC]. The RS-MMC card is 24mm x 16mm x 1.5mm. The RSMMC remains pin compatible with the MMC module, but shorter

The newer versions of the standard; MMCplus, MMCmobile and MMCmicro, offer the higher transfer speeds up to 52MB/sec, or 416 Mbits/sec, and support for dual-voltage operation (1.8 and 3/3.3V), and multiple bus widths (x1, x4 and x8 bit). MMCplus, MMCmobile and MMCmicro utilize 13 pins while remaining backwards compatible with the previous version of 7-pin MMC cards.

MultiMedia Card with pin numbering and location

The MultiMedia card dimensions are: 1.4mm thick x 24mm wide x 32mm long.
The 7-pin cards are form factor compatible with the DataFlash Card standard, and pin out compatible to the SPI version of the MMC card.
A short description of the SPI interface is listed on the Integrated Circuit Buses

MultiMedia Pinout
Pin # Pin name Signal Function
1 CS* Chip Select
2 SI Serial Input [SPI]
3 GND Ground
4 Vcc Voltage Supply [2.7v or 3.6v]
5 SCK Serial Clock [SPI]
6 NC No Connect
7 SO Serial Output [SPI]

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