Embedded ATX Mother Board Pinout

Power Header Pinout

The Embedded ATX [EmbATX] MotherBoard size is 9.6 inches wide by 9.6 inches deep [243.84mm x 243.84mm]. The Embedded ATX motherboard is smaller than the ATX: format which is 12" wide x 9.6" deep (305mm x 244mm). However the EmbATX has the size format as the microATX motherboard but with the additional height constraint of only 2.0 inches.
The Embedded ATX specification supports one PCI riser card using a 5 volt 32-bit PCI connector.

A PC riser slot allows for an expansion card to be attached to the motherboard, but in this case the card is mounted horizontal, flat with the motherboard [but raised up].

The EmbeddededATX standard was released by Intel in 2002, as; EmbeddedATX Motherboard Interface Specification.
Pinout tables for embATX power connectors are listed below. The Infrared Port header, USB header and Audio header are not listed
The ATX pin out is really a group of dual pin headers located on the Mother board.

EmbATX Main Power Connector Pinout
Pin # Signal Function Pin # Signal Function
1 +3.3VDC 11 +3.3VDC
2 +3.3VDC 12 -12VDC
3 COM 13 COM
4 +5VDC 14 PS_ON#
5 COM 15 COM
6 +5VDC 16 COM
7 COM 17 COM
8 PWR_OK 18 -5VDC
9 +5VSB 19 +5VDC
10 +12VDC 20 +5VDC

Refer to ATX Main Power Connector Pinout for more information.
The 4-pin header below is optional.

ATX +12v Power Connector PinOut
Pin # Signal Function Pin # Signal Function
1 COM 3 +12VDC
2 COM 4 +12VDC

There are additional headers on the EmbATX motherboard, not shown here. Refer to the ATX page for more information.
Additional headers include; 14-pin Power/LED, 14-pin Audio, 10-pin USB, and a 6-pin Infrared Port

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A few, but not many, computer manufacturers may use non-standard or proprietary components in their systems. The pinout for the power headers listed on this page comply with the ATX specification. However some companies may use pinouts that differ from the pinout tables above. First try to determine the pin out of the headers listed above from the manual that shipped with the computer, and use these tables only after checking the manufacturing sources of data.

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