MiniSD Card Pinout

MiniSD Card description and Pin Out

MiniSD Card is a type of Removable NAND flash memory card format which was introduced in 2003. The MiniSD Card measures 20mm x 21.5mm and 1.4mm thick.
miniSD cards have memory capacities ranging from 256MB to 4GB. However, some of the capacity may be used for formatting and other functions, and not available for data storage. A miniSD card will fit in an SD card slot with a miniSD Adapter, miniSD Adaptes makes miniSD memory cards compatible with all SD-based devices. MiniSD cards are used with digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, MP3 players, PC?s, PDA?s and any other device with a SecureDigital card slot. Power supply voltage range; 2.7v to 3.6 volts
There are 3 speed grades: Class 2, 2MB/s, Class 4, 4MB/s and class 6 card, 6MB/s.
Also refer to the SD Card, or the microSD Card pages, which are the other physical formats.

miniSD Pinout
Pin # Pin name SD Signal Function SD Mode SPI Signal Function SPI Mode
1 CD/DAT3 Chip Detect/Data Line 3 Chip Select
2 CMD Command Line Data In [DI]
3 VSS1 Ground Ground
4 Vdd Voltage Supply [2.7v or 3.6v] Voltage Supply [2.7v or 3.6v]
5 Clock Clock Clock [SCK]
6 Vss2 Ground Ground
7 DAT0 Data Line 0 Data Out [DO]
8 DAT1 Data Line 1 Unused
9 DAT2 Data Line 2 Unused
10 NC For future use For future use
11 NC For future use For future use

Memory Board Dimension

Comparison of Removable Memory Card sizes

Other commercial standard sizes;
Flash Memory Stick Formats

The picture to the right shows:
The SD card, 32mm x 24mm
The miniSD card, 21.5 x 20mm, covered here.
The microSD card, 15mm x 11mm

The MicroSD form factors picture is used under GNU License

SD Card Sizes
Comparison of SD Memory Card sizes
SD Card, miniSD Card, microSD Card

miniSD Card Connector Manufacturers

This is a listing of OEM miniSD connector manufacturers.
In most cases the connector is a surface mount device [SMD], that mounts to the Printed Wiring Board [PWB] via SMT.
MicroSD or Trans Flash are both the same type of PHY interface.

{miniSD card connectors, Reverse Mount, Top Mount}

Wieson Technologies Co., Ltd.
{MiniSD Connectors}

Mini and micro SD Card - EMI filtering and 25 kV ESD protection: EMIF06-mSD01F2, STMicroelectronics

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