Mini-PCI Bus 124-Pin Pinout

The MinPCI bus is used in Laptop and Note-Book computers.
Mini-PCI uses a reduced pinout than the normal PCI bus used in Desk-top computers.
There are 2 different connector pinouts defined in the Mini-PCI specification, one for type I and type II, and another connector for type III.
The Mini-PCI standard is a Parallel bus standard based on the Parallel PCI bus standard, which is different than the ExpressPCI bus standard.

MiniPCI Pinout, 124 Pins; Type III Connector
PIN # Signal Description PIN # Signal Description
1 TIP 1 Conductor, local loop wire pair 63 3.3V 3.3 V Supply voltage
- Key - 64 FRAME# Indicates Bulk Transfer
2 RING 1 Conductor, local loop wire pair 65 CLKRUN# Stops clock on certain mobile PCI devices
3 8PMJ-3 Pin 3 of an 8-pin modular jack 66 TRDY# Target Ready
4 8PMJ-1 Pin 1 of an 8-pin modular jack 67 SERR# Catastrophic system error
5 8PMJ-6 Pin 6 of an 8-pin modular jack 68 STOP# Target wishes to end transfer
6 8PMJ-2 Pin 2 of an 8-pin modular jack 69 GROUND Ground
7 8PMJ-7 Pin 7 of an 8-pin modular jack 70 3.3V 3.3 V Supply voltage
8 8PMJ-4 Pin 4 of an 8-pin modular jack 71 PERR# Indicates Parity Error
9 8PMJ-8 Pin 8 of an 8-pin modular jack 72 DEVSEL# PCI Device Select
10 8PMJ-5 Pin 5 of an 8-pin modular jack 73 C/BE[1]# Byte Enable
11 LED1_GRNP Interface for external LEDs 74 GROUND Ground
12 LED2_YELP Interface for external LEDs 75 AD[14] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
13 LED1_GRNN RF Silent input 76 AD[15] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
14 LED2_YELN Interface for external LEDs 77 GROUND Ground
15 CHSGND Chassis Ground 78 AD[13] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
16 RESERVED - 79 AD[12] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
17 INTB# Interrupt Request B 80 AD[11] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
18 5V 5 V Supply voltage 81 AD[10] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
19 3.3V 3.3 V Supply voltage 82 GROUND Ground
20 INTA# Interrupt Request A 83 GROUND Ground
21 RESERVED - 84 AD[09] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
22 RESERVED - 85 AD[08] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
23 GROUND Ground 86 C/BE[0]# Byte Enable
24 3.3VAUX 3.3 V supply-uninterrupted 87 AD[07] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
25 CLK PCI Clock 88 3.3V 3.3 V Supply voltage
26 RST# PCI Reset 89 3.3V 3.3 V Supply
27 GROUND Ground 90 AD[06] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
28 3.3V 3.3 V Supply voltage 91 AD[05] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
29 REQ# PCI Bus Request 92 AD[04] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
30 GNT# PCI Bus Grant 93 RESERVED -
31 3.3V 3.3 V Supply voltage 94 AD[02] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
32 GROUND Ground 95 AD[03] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
33 AD[31] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 96 AD[00] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
34 PME# Power Management Event 97 5V 5 V Supply voltage
35 AD[29] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 98 RESERVED_WIP5 -
36 RESERVED - 99 AD[01] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus
37 GROUND Ground 100 RESERVED_WIP5 -
38 AD[30] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 101 GROUND Ground
39 AD[27] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 102 GROUND Ground
40 3.3V 3.3 V Supply voltage 103 AC_SYNC AC97 Sync
41 AD[25] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 104 M66EN Enables 66 MHz PCI bus
42 AD[28] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 105 AC_SDATA_IN AC97 Data Input
43 RESERVED - 106 AC_SDATA_OUT AC97 Data Output
44 AD[26] Multiplexed 107 AC_BIT_CLK AC97 Bit Clock
45 C/BE[3]# Byte Enable 108 AC_CODEC_ID0# Identifier for AC97 CODEC
46 AD[24] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 109 AC_CODEC_ID1# Identifier for AC97 CODEC
47 AD[23] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 110 AC_RESET# AC97 Reset
48 IDSEL Initialization Device Select 111 MOD_AUDIO_MON Modern Audio Monitor
49 GROUND Ground 112 RESERVED -
50 GROUND Ground 113 AUDIO_GND Analog Ground for line-level audio
51 AD[21] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 114 GROUND Ground
52 AD[22] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 115 SYS_AUDIO_OUT Telephone Audio Out
53 AD[19] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 116 SYS_AUDIO_IN Telephone Audio In
54 AD[20] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 117 SYS_AUDIO_OUT GND Analog Ground for telephone audio
55 GROUND Ground 118 SYS_AUDIO_IN GND Analog Ground for telephone audio
56 PAR Parity Bit 119 AUDIO_GND Analog Ground for line-level audio
57 AD[17] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 120 AUDIO_GND Analog Ground for line-level audio
58 AD[18] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 121 RESERVED -
59 C/BE[2]# Byte Enable 122 MPCIACT# MiniPCI Function Active
60 AD[16] Multiplexed Address/Data Bus 123 VCC5VA 5V Analog
61 IRDY# Initiator Ready 124 3.3VAUX 3.3 V supply-uninterrupted
62 Ground Ground - - -

MiniPCI Card
MiniPCI Board

The Peripheral Component Interface 'PCI' Bus was developed as a local bus expansion for the personal computer.
The PCI spec defines the Electrical requirements for the interface.
No bus terminations are specified, so the bus relies on signal reflection to achieve level threshold and its final value.
The first version of the PCI bus ran at 33MHz with a 32 bit bus (133MBps), while the current version runs at 66MHz with a 64 bit bus.
The PCI bus operates either synchronously or asynchronously with the mother board bus rate.
While operating asynchronously the bus will operate at any frequency from 66MHz down to (and including) 0Hz.

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