microSD Card Pinout

microSD Card Description and Pin Out

The microSD Card is a type of Removable NAND-type small flash memory card format which was introduced in 2003.
microSD measures 11mm x 15mm and is 1mm thick.
Two pinout tables are provided for microSD below; one table provides the pin out for SD Mode, and one table shows the SPI mode.

MicroSD Connector Manufacturers are listed below.

MicroSD is short hand for Micro-Secure Digital [Transflash]. Although Transflash was the original name for microSD, the name was changed to microSD once the standard was adpoted. Some manufacturers still use the term microSD/Transflash to describe a product.
Also refer to the SD Card, or the miniSD Card pages. There are 3 speed grades: Class 2, 2MB/s, Class 4, 4MB/s and class 6 cards, 6MB/s.

Mini and micro SD Card - EMI filtering and 25 kV ESD protection: EMIF06-mSD01F2, STMicroelectronics

microSD Pinout, SD Mode
Pin # Pin name Signal Function
1 DAT2 Data Bit 2
2 CD/DAT3 Card Detect / Data Bit 3
3 CMD Command Line
4 Vdd Supply Voltage 2.7v / 3.6v
5 CLK Clock
6 Vss Ground
7 DAT0 Data Bit 0
8 DAT1 Data Bit 1

Memory Board Dimension

Comparison of Removable Memory Card sizes

microSD Pinout, SPI Mode
Pin Number Pin name Signal Function
1 NC No Connect
2 /CS Chip Select
3 DI Master Out/Slave In (MOSI)
4 Vdd Supply Voltage 2.7v / 3.6v
5 CLK Clock
6 Vss Ground
7 DO Master In/Slave Out (MISO)
8 RSV Reserved

The SPI mode is optional in the microSD format.

Flash Memory Stick Formats

The graphic to the right shows:
The SD card, 32mm x 24mm
The miniSD card, 21.5 x 20mm
The microSD card, 15mm x 11mm, covered on this page.
microSD is the smallest of the SD card formats
Slot adaptors may be purchased to allow a smaller SD
card type to plug into a larger type.
Allowing a microSD card to plug into a miniSD card slot.

The MicroSD form factors
picture is used under GNU License
A form factor is the physical size of a part.

SD Card Sizes
Comparison of SD Memory Card sizes
Including the SD Card, miniSD Card, and microSD Card styles.

microSD Card Connector Manufacturers

This is a listing of OEM microSD connector manufacturers. In most cases the connector is a surface mount [SM] device, that mounts to the Printed Wiring Board [PWB] via SMT.
MicroSD or Trans Flash are both the same type of PHY interface.

{microSD/TransFlash connector, Surface Mount}

{microSD Memory Card Connector, Normal Mount SMT}

Tyco Electronics
{MicroSD Surface mount connector with in-line leads}

Wieson Technologies Co., Ltd.
{MicroSD Connectors}

Yamaichi Electronics
{microSD Card Reader - Hinge Type/Top Mount, Reversed Type,
microSD Card Adapter (microSD-to-miniSD)}

The microSD standard has evolved from and has taken the place of the previous TransFlash term.
However some companies still use the term TransFlash to describe this interface.

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