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PPMC Board Manufacturers

This is a listing of COTS PPMC Mezzanine Card manufacturers, as PrPMC cards, defined by VITA-32.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
The Mezzanine Buses page contains a description and pinout information for many of the Mezzanine Board Form Factors listed above.
While the links at the top of the page cover the manufacturers that produce Mezzanine boards.

The Processor PMC board is basically an up-grade to the PMC board standard, but the PMC standard is still valid on its own.
The PPMC standard changed a few specifications and added enhancements to work better with micro-processors.
A PPMC module will work with a carrier card designed to accept a PPMC module or with a carrier card designed to support a PMC card.
However with all backward capable designs the enhancements implemented with PPMC will be lost on a PMC carrier board.
In other words a PPMC module reverts to a PMC board when installed on a PMC carrier card.
The PPMC specification uses the CMC standard for the mechanical definitions, as does the PMC format.

Processor PMC Module Vendors

Creative Electronic Systems 'CES' {PowerPC based Reconfigurable Acquisition PPMC}

Curtiss Wright {PowerPC processor PCI Mezzanine Card}

GE Fanuc {450MHz Freescale 8280 PowerQUICC II @ 450 MHz PrPMC}

Extreme Engineering Solutions {Intel and PowerPC PrPMC Modules, rugged, air- and conduction-cooled}

Technobox Inc. {Processor PMC (PrPMC) Development Platform}

Mezzaine board types & acronyms [Mezzanine Bus Descriptions]
AdvancedMC: Advanced Mezzanine Card
AMC: Advanced Mezzanine Card
PMC: PCI Mezzanine Card
PPMC: Processor PMC
PrPMC: Processor PMC
IP: IndustryPack
CMC: Common Mezzanine Card [a mechanical standard]
PTMC: PCI Telcom Mezzanine Card
XMC: Switched Fabric Mezzanine Card

The companies listed above that manufacture Processor PMC cards and in general also produce other Mezzanine board styles.
However the odds of wanting more than one mezzanine style doesn't come up that often.
Of course there are times when purchasing a cheaper IP card to run some I/O makes more sense than reusing a PPMC board.
Then again the simple IP card might contain a lot more I/O lines than a PPMC, and at differing drive levels.

VITA 32 was ratified in 2003, but for what ever reason there are not many companies producing PrPMC boards.

A Mezzanine card is a daughter-card used or mounted on industrial embedded computer cards.
The PPMC boards are some of the more complex and densely populated card formats.
The PPMC specification and the mechanical CMC specification are open standards, so any company could develop their own proprietary cards.

Engineering Home > OEM Equipment Vendors > OEM COTS Card Vendors > OEM Mezzanine Board Vendors > PPMC Board Vendors.

This is a listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] Mezzanine Board PPMC Manufacturers.
These or Original Equipment Manufacturers [OEM] have have pre-designed products ready to be delivered.
The board products the companies produce are listed after the company name which are indexed in alphabetic order.
All other COTS card manufacturers [in other physical formats] are listed on the COTS Card page.
Any other Electronic Equipment vendors may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment Icon below.
Descriptions of the different Mezzanine interface buses is listed on the Mezzanine Buses page.

Editor note; these pages covering manufacturers change all the time as companies discontinue product lines, or add new products.

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