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This is a listing of COTS PMC Mezzanine Card manufacturers.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name.
Description and pinout information for many of the Mezzanine Board Form Factors is on the Mezzanine Buses page.

Description and pinout for the PMC Board Format, including the signal assingments.

Mezzanine Formats:
AMC: [AdvancedMC] Advanced Mezzanine Card
PMC: PCI Mezzanine Card
PPMC: [PrPMC] Processor PMC
IP: IndustryPack modules
CCPMC: Conduction-Cooled PMC
CMC: Common Mezzanine Card [Mechanical spec]
PTMC: PCI Telcom Mezzanine Card
XMC: Switched Fabric Mezzanine Card

PMC Board Manufacturers

4DSP Inc. {Virtex-4 PMC/PMC-X PMC Card Manufacturer, for Data Acquisition and Digital Signal Processing applications}

Acromag {PMC Card Manufacturer, Analog I/O, Digital I/O, Multifunction I/O, Counter/Timer, Serial I/O, FPGA}

AIM GmbH {Test / Simulation Modules for PCI Mezzanine-PMC, ARINC 429 Modules, AFDX/ARINC664 Modules}

Alpha Data {FPGA based COTS boards with interchangeable I/O adapters: Virtex5, Virtex6}

Alphi Technology Corp. {PMC Single/Dual Channel MIL-1553 Boards, PMC: A/D, D/A Boards}

Alta Data Technologies LLC {MIL-STD-1553 PMC Interface Card}

BittWare Inc. {High-Speed A/D I/O Card with Reconfigurable FPGA, Virtex-II FPGA PMC Boards}

Concurrent Technologies Inc. {PMC Boards: Communication Controllers, SCSI Controllers, Ethernet LAN Controllers, Video Graphics Controllers}

Creative Electronic Systems 'CES' {Conduction Cooled PowerPC-Based Reconfigurable Acquisition PPMC, PowerPC-Based Reconfigurable}

Curtiss-Wright Controls {PMC, PowerPC processor PCI Mezzanine Card, PMC}

Data Device Corp. 'DDC' {PMC - MIL-STD-1553 Interface Cards}

Dynamic Engineering {PMC Transition Module, PMC-Parallel-IO, PMC-Parallel-485, Serial, PMC-FIFO, PMC-Serial UART, PMC-SpaceWire}

Dynatem Inc {PMC-X Modules; LAN, SCSI, SATA}

Emerson Network Power {Up to 8 E1/T1/J1 interfaces for PMC-compatible baseboards}

Extreme Engineering Solutions {I/O, Video PMC Modules, rugged, air- and conduction-cooled}

General Standards Corp. {PMC Boards; Analog,Digital,Serial,Video,Memory cards}

GE Fanuc {PowerPC; Processor PMC with PCI-X, PMC interface for 10 Mbps 1553 bus}

Kontron {PPMC Mezzanines Boards, PrPMC, PPMC/XMC SBCs}

One Stop Systems Inc. {PMC Modules. Data Acquisition Module/Fibre Channel PMC adapter/Ethernet/Dual T1/E1 high performance WAN controller}

N.A.T. {PMC Telecommunication; SDH, 4E1/T1/J1, PowerQuicc, Motorola MPC860, SIO, passive 64Bit PMC extender}

National Instruments {PMC Board Manufacturer}

Quantum3D, Inc. {Graphics PMC Board Manufacturer}

Technobox Inc. {PMC Board Manufacturer}

Twin Industries {PMC to PMC Extender Card}

This vendor list includes both PMC modules and CCPMC modules.
Carrier cards or Host cards may be called out on the page covering that particular form factor.

PMC-X Board Manufacturers

PMC-X: is a PCI-X interface in a Mezzanine Card 'PMC' format, PCI Mezzanine Card, X revision, 100MHz / 133MHz.

Alpha Data {FPGA based COTS boards with interchangeable I/O adapters: Virtex5, Virtex6}

4DSP {Virtex-5 FPGA PMC/PMC-X, Virtex-4}


Kontron {MIL-STD-1553B, Profibus PMC Controller & I/O mezzanine card, SCSI Controller & Ethernet modules}

MicroSys {PMC-X, SCSI, Quad Channel Serial ATA PMC-X Mezzanine Card, Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet PMC-X Mezzanine Card}

Technobox Inc. {32/64 Bit 33/66 MHz PCI-X to PMC-X Adapter}

The PCI-X bus was only found in industrial systems, primarily servers and embedded systems.
PMC Mezzanine card description and other Mezzanine board descriptions.
PMC-X is the industrial follow on and moves PCI-X into the PMC form factor.

Editor note; I wouldn't expect a lot of activity with PMC-X cards, the PCI-X version of the spec was always an off-shoot.
The PMC-X format is a very small niche market of the larger PMC mezzanine card family.
Now years later, when the PCI specification is not the fastest interface buses, interest in PCI-X should all but be gone.
But there could be a residual interest for legacy applications or for replacement boards for units already fielded.

PMC: PCI Mezzanine Card. Many PCI Mezzanine boards may be Conduction Cooled, but that may not be called out above.

Editor note; PMC is the implementation of the PCI specification onto a mezzanine card form factor.
PMC-X is the implementation of the PCI-X specification onto a mezzanine card form factor.
PrPMC is also the implementation of the PCI specification on a mezzanine card, but with signals not used with PMC.
So this in fact this is the upgrade path from PMC to PMC-X and then to PrPMC, with PMC-X being a minor off-shoot.
PrPMC is the true up-grade from PMC and is backward compatible, although there doesn't seem to be many vendors.
An additional variation includes the Conduction Cooled PMC module [CCPMC].

This is a listing of COTS [Commercial-Off-The-Shelf] PMC Mezzanine Board Manufacturers and Related sites.
The board products the companies produce are listed next to the company name.
All other COTS card manufacturers [in other formats] are listed on the COTS Card page.
Additional Electronic Equipment may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment Icon below.
Descriptions of the different Mezzanine interface buses is listed on the Mezzanine Buses page.

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