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30-Pin Single Inline Memory Module Pinout

Computer Memory Module sticks using the 30-Pin SIMM format are listed on this page. A 30 pin memory card has 30 pins [or fingers] on each side of the memory module board; how ever, the pins on either side of the PWB are connected together. The memory module may appear to have 60 pins when in fact there are only 30 unique signal pins. 30 pin SIMMs used only an 8-bit data bus perhaps 9-bits using ECC. In this case ECC may also be called Parity.
At last check 30-pin SIMMs had an access time of 60nS, which is very slow by today's standards. The Pin Out and Signal names for a 30-Pin SIMM module is listed below.
30 pin SIMM modules are obsolete, replaced by 72-pin SIMMS, and no longer used.

In fact 72-pin SIMMs are obsolete, as SIMM modules were later replaced by DIMM memory modules.
Pinouts of memory modules using the 72 pin format may be found on the PC Memory Modules page.
Refer to the Computer Memory Modules page for additional pinouts and memory module descriptions, memory module types, memory terms and current memory standards.

30-pin SIMM Memory Module Pinout
Pin # Signal name Signal Description
1 VCC +5 VDC
2 /CAS Column Address Strobe
3 DQ0 Data 0
4 A0 Address 0
5 A1 Address 1
6 DQ1 Data 1
7 A2 Address 2
8 A3 Address 3
9 GND Ground
10 DQ2 Data 2
11 A4 Address 4
12 A5 Address 5
13 DQ3 Data 3
14 A6 Address 6
15 A7 Address 7
16 DQ4 Data 4
17 A8 Address 8
18 A9 Address 9
19 A10 Address 10
20 DQ5 Data 5
21 /WE Write Enable
22 GND Ground
23 DQ6 Data 6
24 A11 Address 11
25 DQ7 Data 7
26 QP Data Parity Out
27 /RAS Row Address Strobe
28 /CASP Something Parity
29 DP Data Parity In
30 VCC +5 VDC

Note: QP and DP is N/C on SIMMs without parity.
A9 is N/C on 256kB.
A10 is N/C on 256kB and 1MB. A11 is N/C on 256kB, 1MB and 4MB sticks
Data width is 8 bits per memory stick [the front 30 pins and back 30 fingers on the card are connected together]

30-Pin SIMM Memory Module Size
The approximate board size. 3.5" x 0.75"

SIMM: Single Inline Memory Module
DRAM: Dynamic Random Access Memory
FPM: Fast Page Mode: (asynchronous) Obsolete, faster than normal DRAM, used in 386/486 computers. All 30 pin SIMMs use FPM memory.
30 pin SIMMs have an alignment notch on the bottom left to side. 30 pin SIMM modules are obsolete and no longer used.

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