184 pin RDRAM RIMM Edge Pinout

Personal Computer Memory Module description, 184-pin RDIMM Pin out.
The 184-pin DIMM have 94 pins per PWB side, on each face of the DIMM.

The pinout [signal assignments] for the 184-pin RDIMM is provided in the table below.

184-Pin RDRAM DIMM PinOut
Pad # Signal name Pad # Signal name Pad # Signal name Pad # Signal name
A1 Gnd B1 Gnd A47 NC B47 NC
A3 Gnd B3 Gnd NC NC B49 NC
A5 Gnd B5 Gnd A51 Vref B51 Vref
A6 LDQA4 B6 LDQA3 A52 Gnd B52 Gnd
A7 Gnd B7 Gnd A53 SCL B53 SA0
A8 LDQA2 B8 LDQA1 A54 Vdd B54 Vdd
A9 Gnd B9 Gnd A55 SDA B55 SA1
A10 LDQA0 B10 LCFM A56 SVdd B56 SVdd
A11 Gnd B11 Gnd A57 SWP B57 SA2
A12 LCTMN B12 LCFMN A58 Vdd B58 Vdd
A13 Gnd B13 Gnd A59 RSCK B59 RCMD
A14 LCTM B14 NC A60 Gnd B60 Gnd
A15 Gnd B15 Gnd A61 RDQB7 B61 RDQB8
A16 NC B16 LROW2 A62 Gnd B62 Gnd
A17 Gnd B17 Gnd A63 RDQB5 B63 RDQB6
A18 LROW1 B18 LROW0 A64 Gnd B64 Gnd
A19 Gnd B19 Gnd A65 RDQB3 B65 RDQB4
A20 LCOL4 B20 LCOL3 A66 Gnd B66 Gnd
A21 Gnd B21 Gnd A67 RDQB1 B67 RDQB2
A22 LCOL2 B22 LCOL1 A68 Gnd B68 Gnd
A23 Gnd B23 Gnd A69 RCOL0 B69 RDQB0
A24 LCOL0 B24 LDQB0 A70 Gnd B70 Gnd
A25 Gnd B25 Gnd A71 RCOL2 B71 RCOL1
A26 LDQB1 B26 LDQB2 A72 Gnd B72 Gnd
A27 Gnd B27 Gnd A73 RCOL4 B73 RCOL3
A28 LDQB3 B28 LDQB4 A74 Gnd B74 Gnd
A29 Gnd B29 Gnd A75 RROW1 B75 RROW0
A30 LDQB5 B30 LDQB6 A76 Gnd B76 Gnd
A31 Gnd B31 Gnd A77 NC B77 RROW2
A32 LDQB7 B32 LDQB8 A78 Gnd B78 Gnd
A33 Gnd B33 Gnd A79 RCTM B79 NC
A34 LSCK B34 LCMD A80 Gnd B80 Gnd
A35 Vcmos B35 Vcmos A81 RCTMN B81 RCFMN
A36 SOUT B36 SIN A82 Gnd B82 Gnd
A37 Vcmos B37 Vcmos A83 RDQA0 B83 RCFM
A38 NC B38 NC A84 Gnd B84 Gnd
A39 Gnd B39 Gnd A85 RDQA2 B85 RDQA1
A40 NC B40 NC A86 Gnd B86 Gnd
A41 Vdd B41 Vdd A87 RDQA4 B87 RDQA3
A42 Vdd B42 Vdd A88 Gnd B88 Gnd
A43 NC B43 NC A89 RDQA6 B89 RDQA5
A44 NC B44 NC A90 Gnd B90 Gnd
A45 NC B45 NC A91 RDQA8 B91 RDQA7
A46 NC B46 NC A92 Gnd B92 Gnd

168 Pin DIMM Memory Module Picture

The approximate board size. 5.25" x 1.375" x 0.05 [133.35mm x 34.93mm x 1.27mm]

Note the pins labeled NC; mean No connection, so no traces need to run to those pins, freeing up board space.

SIMM: Single Inline Memory Module
DRAM: Dynamic Random Access Memory
SO DIMM: Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module
SDRAM:: Synchronous DRAM (Random Access Memory), Synchronous to Positive Clock Edge.
FPM:Fast Page Mode: (asynchronous) Obsolete, faster than normal DRAM, used in 386/486 computers.
EDO: Extended Data Out: (asynchronous) A superset of FPM, just faster than FPM.

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Editor note, I have not looked for any vendors producing this RDRAM DIMM,
So there may be manufacturers still making this style of Dual Inline Memory Module.
However I need to point out that this type of DIMM is Out-of-Date, and possibly obsolete.
Being Out-of-Date does not change the fact that the Rambus Pinout, Signal names and pin descriptions are still valid.

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