XDR2 Memory

XDR memory was developed by Rambus. XDR provides a single, 2-byte wide transfer, 3.2 GHz XDR DRAM component provides 6.4 GB/sec of peak bandwidth. XDR2 DRAM is the second generation of XDR DRAM.
XDR formats include; 16 x 1Meg x 16, 8 x 8Meg x 16, 8 x 2Meg x 16, 8 x 4Meg x 16
XIO is the term to describe the Controller side or XDR I/O.

XDR DRAM follows RDRAM from Rambus, however after years is still only being used in the Sony Playstation, I assume because of the high cost of licensing XDR memory from Rambus. I'm also not sure that XDR memory is faster than current DDR4 memory; however it was faster than DDR2 when it came out.

It seems that XDR DRAM is also used in cell phones, as Mobile XDR.

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