DDR DIMM Memory Modules

Very Low Profile DIMM

VLP-DIMM Description

Very Low Profile DIMMs [VLP DIMM] are a new style of DIMM memory module.
VLP-DIMMs function just like normal DDR, DDR2, or FBDIMMs but come in a new smaller form factor [size].
The current market for VLP DIMM modules is in the Server market, and also in routers and switches.
The cost, as of 2006, prices the VLP modules out of the personal computer market.

The size [height] of the VLP DIMMs allow them to be mounted in the vertical position rather than at the normal 25 degree angle found in normal DIMM mounting.
To date there are at least three common sizes or form factors for VLP DIMMs. The module width remains unchanged.

VLP-DIMM Memory Module Dimensions
VLP DIMM [Registered / Unregistered] 8.3mm [H] x 133.35mm [L] [Height x Length]
VLP FB-DIMM: 18.29mm [H] x 133.35mm [L] [Height x Length]
VLP Mini-DIMM: 18.28mm [H] x 82mm [L] [Height x Length]

Because the Very Low Profile DIMM appears to be functionally identical to previous DRAM standards [other than size] additional characteristics appear on their original pages. Use any of the following pages to obtain speed and interface descriptions for various DRAM standards:

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VLP DIMM Manufacturers

VLP DIMMs may be found in industrial gear, and not Personal Computers because of the added cost.
VLP DIMMs are used in Servers and the telecommunications industry.

VLP DIMM Vendors;
ATP Electronics {VLP-DIMM}

Hynix {VLP-DIMM Modules}

Micron {VLP Memory Modules for networking routers and switches, VLP MiniDIMM, 256MB-1GB, VLP RDIMMs}

Samsung {VLP-DIMM Modules}

Super Talent Technology {2GB DDR3 VLP RDIMM Module, 1333MHz, PC3-10600}

DIMM Sockets; DIMM/SIMM Socket Manufacturers.

VLP DIMMs 184-pin, 240-pin, VLP MiniDIMM; 244-pin
In most cases VLP is just another configuration option, in either DIMM or Mini-DIMM.
The DIMMS are also 133.5 mm wide and have the same pinout as the DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 full-sized DIMMs.
These modules will typically have a height between 18-19 mm [nominal 17.78mm].
Note; there is also a Ultra Low Profile [ULP] DIMM which is only 0.70 inches high.

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