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This is a listing of Circuit Breaker manufacturers and Vendors.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name. The companies are listed in in alphabetic order.

Circuit Breaker Manufacturers

{Hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers}

Altech Corp.
{Miniature Circuit Breakers, Compact DIN rail mount FI Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers}

Carling Technologies
{Hydraulic Magnetic and Thermal Circuit Breakers}

{Thermal circuit breaker}

LS Industrial Systems 'LSIS'
{Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers, Air Circuit Breakers, Integrated Protection & Monitoring Equipment}

Mechanical Products Co.
{Switchable Circuit Breakers, Push-To-Reset Circuit Breakers}

Precision Controls Co.
{Snap-Action, Automatic Reset Circuit Breakers, Conforms to SAE J553 standard}

Circuit Breaker Drawing
Circuit Breaker

A Circuit Breaker is a device designed to open and close a circuit by non-automatic means and to open the circuit automatically on a predetermined over-current without injury to itself when properly applied within its rating. (600 volts nominal, or less).

Circuit Breakers operating Over 600 volts, nominal: A switching device capable of making, carrying, and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions, and also making, carrying for a specified time, and breaking currents under specified abnormal circuit conditions, such as those of short circuit.

Circuit breakers should give a visual indication when tripped. Holding the switching device closed on an overload should not prevent tripping of the breaker. Multi-pole circuit breakers should be used for three-phase equipment and should disconnect all phases if an overload occurs in any one phase. Circuit breakers should not be used as switches unless such breakers have been specifically designed and tested for that type service.

MIL-PRF-55629; Circuit Breakers, Magnetic, Unsealed or Panel Seal, Trip-Free, General Specification

Companies that Manufacture Circuit Breakers are listed on this page.

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