2N6764 FET Derating Curve

FET Designer Recommendations

2N6764 FET [TO-204AE package, Modified TO-3]. Hermetic MOSFET
IRF150: 100V Single N-Channel Hi-Rel MOSFET in a TO-204AE package
2N6764 Applications: switching power supplies, motor controls, inverters, choppers, audio amplifiers and high energy pulse circuits.

2N6764 Derating Curve

2N6764 FET Maximum Case Temperature Vs Drain Current Derating Graph
2N6764 Maximum Drain Current vs Temperature

Use a linear derating factor of 1.2 W/0C beginning at 250C as an approximation.
Use the chart to determine maximum drain current vs case temperature.
The Junction to Case Thermal Resistance is 0.830C/W for this package.
Don't allow the case temperature to exceed 150C as shown in the graph.

2N6764 Absolute Maximum Ratings
Voltage Gate to Source = 20 volts dc
Voltage Drain to Source = 100 volts dc
Voltage Drain to Gate = 100 volts dc
Drain Current = 38 amps dc, 250C
Pulsed Drain Current = 152 amps dc
Power Dissipation = 150 watts
Junction Temperature = -55 to +150oC
Storage Temperature = -55 to +150oC

MIL-PRF-19500/543; Semiconductor Device, Transistor, Field Effect, N-Channel, Silicon, Repetitive Avalanche Types 2N6764, 2N6764T1, 2N6766, 2N6766T1, 2N6768, 2N6768T1, 2N6770, and 2N6770T1 [TO-204AE; formerly designated as a TO-3]
The part is qalified to JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, JANS, JANHC, and JANKC screening levels.
As with other parts, the T1 designation usually means a alternate package type.

FET Derating Guidelines, Transistor Derating Guidelines

TO-204 Flange mount. [Diamond Base] A package shape which provides a method of readily attaching one surface of the semiconductor device to a heat dissipater [Heat Sink] to achieve thermal management of the case temperature. This semiconductor package has the Drain electrically connected to the case. Additional design data on the TO-204 Package.

For reference, see; Temperature Compensation in Electronic Components.

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2N6764 Circuit Schematic Diagram
2N6764 Schematic

Device Manufacturers:
FET Transistor Manufacturers
Fan Manufacturers
Thermal Test Chamber Vendors
Thermal Imager Manufacturers
Thermal Sensor Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Heat Sinks
Manufacturers of Conductive Adhesives

2N6764 TO-204 Package Drawing
TO-204 Thru-Hole metal Can

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