FET Derating Curve

FET Design, Thermal Considerations

2N6758 FET [TO-204AA package]
IRF230; 200V Single N-Channel Hi-Rel MOSFET in a TO-204AA package

2N6758 FET Maximum Case Temperature Vs Drain Current Derating Graph
2N6758 Maximum Drain Current vs Case Temperature

Use the graph to determine how to derate a 2N6758 based on Drain current and maximum case temperature. The chart is based on still air [free air]. With out forced air cooling the maximum drain current for the 2N6758 is 9 amps at 250C. Decrease the maximum drain current with increasing temperature as depicted in the chart. Never exceed a junction temperature of 150C or damage will result. Consult a data sheet for additional specifications.

2N6758 Maximum Ratings
Voltage Gate to Source = 20 volts dc
Voltage Drain to Source = 200 volts dc
Voltage Drain to Gate = 200 volts dc
Junction Temperature = -55 to +150oC

MIL-PRF-19500/542; Semiconductor Device, Transistor, Field Effect, N-Channel:
JAN qualified types 2N6756, 2N6758, 2N6760, and 2N6762.
The 2N6758 Field Effect Transistor is available in the TO-204AAAA package, which was previously designated as a TO-3.

FET Derating Compensation, Transistor Derating Guidelines

TO-204 Case mount. The 2N6758 uses a diamond shape flange to achieve thermal management of the case temperature, by providing a large metal surface to act as either a dissipator of heat or as an attachment point to a larger heat sink. The Drain is electrically connected to the case.

Compensating for case temperature; Electronic Component Derating

2N6758 TO-204 Package Drawing
TO-204 Case Diagram

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Temperature Derating increases MTBF
Failure rates decrease with temperature.
Reliability decreases with temperature.
The chart represents Thermal design

These components are still in production.

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