FET Derating Curve

2N6756 FET [TO-204AA package, Modified TO-3]. Hermetic MOSFET
IRF130 Applications: Switching power supplies, Motor controls, Inverters, Choppers, Audio amplifiers and High energy pulse circuits.

2N6756 FET Maximum Case Temperature Vs Drain Current Derating Graph
2N6756 Maximum Drain Current vs Temperature

The graph shows the reduction in the amount of Drain Current [ID] required with increasing case temperature for a 2N6756. Note that derating starts at 250C and ends with a maximum case temperature of 1500C. No derating is required for case temperatures below 25C.
This derating chart is for free air [still air]. The 2N6756 may operate at a drain current higher than 14 amps if forced air cooling is provided [at 250C]. Note that the operating current represents a pulsed signal with an undefined duty cycle, but the duty cycle may not be greater than would cause the junction temperature to exceed the maximum junction temperature.

2N6756 Maximum DC Ratings [Check the data sheet for additional electrical data]
Voltage Gate to Source = 20 volts dc
Voltage Drain to Source = 100 volts dc
Voltage Drain to Gate = 100 volts dc
Junction Temperature = -55 to +150oC

MIL-PRF-19500/542; Semiconductor Silicon Device, N-Channel Field Effect Transistor, Types 2N6756, 2N6758, 2N6760, 2N6762, JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, JANS, JANHC, and JANKC [TO-204AA; formerly TO-3]

FET Derating Guidelines, and Transistor Derating Guidelines

TO-204 Case mount. A type of package which provides a method of readily attaching one surface of the semiconductor device to a heat-sink or other heat dissipater to achieve thermal management of the case temperature. This style package may also be called Flange Mount. The Drain of the 2N6756 FET is electrically connected to the case. Attaching a heat sink to the TO-204 metal package will greatly reduce the need to derate the component over temperature. A Thermal Compound in association with a heat sink may also increase the FETs operational temperature range, refer to Electrically Conductive Adhesive Compound Manufacturers

Compensating for temperature rise; Electronic Component Derating

TO-204 Case Drawing
TO-204 Package

Lead Identification;
The case is connected to the Drain.
The Source & Gate indicated are in the pic.
Pin 1; Source
Pin 2; Gate
Pin 3; Drain [Case]

Component Manufacturers:
FET Transistors
Heat Sinks
Thermal Test Chambers
Thermal Imager Manufacturers
Thermal Sensor Manufacturers

Note, as a rule:
These curves are normally conservative.

Linear Derating Factor:
Reduce 0.60 watts per degree centigrade.

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