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TelCom Semiconductor was Sold to MicroChip in 2002.

Telecommunications Power Systems, Now with Transistor Devices Inc 'TDI'.


Teledyne Cougar

Teledyne Microwave

Telefunken was Purchased by Vishay in 1998.

Tele Quarz GmbH was Acquired by Corning Frequency Control, then by Vectron International.


Tellurian Technologies Inc.


Temic. Now Continental Teves, Continental Temic.

Temic Semiconductor, Acquired by Atmel Corporation in 1997.

Temp Inc.

Tensilica Inc.

Teralogic Inc. was Acquired by Oak Technology in 2002, Than purchased by Zoran in 2003.

Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions 'TAOS'

Texas Components Corp.

Texas Instruments 'TI'

Thaler Corp. Thaler products are transitioning to Cirrus Logic in 2009.

THAT Corp.

Thales Computers. Kontron AG finalizes acquisition of Thales in 2008.

Thesys; has been acquired by Melexis Inc.

Thermalloy; was acquired by Aavid in 1999.

Thermo Centro Vision is now called OSI Optoelectronics.


Thermometrics was purchased by GE Sensing.

Thesys Microelectronic. Now Melexis.

Thin Film Technology

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Any company site which has gone bad is listed here with the original URL and new address if available. The old reference of a site is removed from all other pages. Only OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] Electronic manufacturers are listed.

PC motherboard

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