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Note; if the reason for a company no longer responding is known, it's listed. In some cases if the company was acquired, than the date of purchase is provided, along with the company that absorbed it.

Sullins Electronics Corp.

Sumida Electric Co. Ltd.

Summit Microelectronics Inc.

Sun-LED, Sun Opto Inc.; fate unknown.

Sun Magnet

Sun Microsystems Inc. was purchased by Oracle in 2009



Suntan Technology Company Ltd.

Superior Essex

Supertex Inc.

Surge Components Inc.

Surface Mountable Electronic

Sussex Semiconductor Inc.; Fate unknown site stopped responding, or check-back soon message.

Svenska Grindmatriser AB (SGA)

Switch Channel

Switchcore; Acquired by eSilicon Corp


Switches Plus

Switch Power Inc., was acquired by Bourns in 2004.

Switching Systems International 'SSI'

Symbios Logic; Sold to LSI Logic in 1999.

Synergetic; see Grid Connect Inc.

Synergetix, look like the dot com was dropped in favor of a .eu but not sure if it was the same company that was listed here.

Synergy Microsystems Inc., refer to Curtiss Wright.

Synergy Semiconductor was sold to Micrel.


Syntek Semiconductor Co. Ltd.

Systems Industrie Electronics.

Systran Corp, see Curtiss Wright Controls.

This company listing does not include engineering consultants, equipment dealers, value added vendors, wholesalers suppliers, or manufacturers reps. If you need to locate a Distributor use this page; Component Distributor. If your trying to locate data sheets you will need to look up the manufacturer responsible for producing the component using the alpha navigation links at the top of each page. Otherwise you can search for him by product type using the links at the bottom of the page.
There is also no listing of companies by area or location, the listing is in alphabetic order by the companies first name from companies all over the world.

PC motherboard

Distributor rolodex Electronic Components Electronic Equipment EDA CDROM Software Engineering Standards, BOB card Cabled Computer Bus Electronic Engineering Design Table Conversion DB9-to-DB25.
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