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The dates for many of the acquisitions for these companies that have changed hands are provided, but that doesn't mean that they were not sold off again to another company. So even though the listing indicates it was purchased, it may have been been re-sold or acquired by some one else. In addition some other third party company may have started to use the same company name. In other words, use the list as a guide, or a starting point when trying to locate a company.

SiGe Semiconductor was acquired by Skyworks in 2011.

Sigma Designs Inc

SigmaTel, Inc.: Acquisition by Freescale Semiconductor in 2008.

Signal Lux Merged with Everel in 2008.

Signal Processing Technologies, Inc.: Acquired by Fairchild Semiconductor Corp. in 2002.

Signal Technology Corp.: Acquired by Crane Aerospace and Electronics in 2003.

Signal Transformer Co. Inc. was acquired by Bel Fuse Inc. in 2003.

Signetics, was acquired by Philips in 1975.

Silicon Graphics filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and purchased by Rackable Systems as Silicon Graphics International Corp.

Silicon Image

Silicon Laboratories

Silicon Magic Corp. The fate of the company is not known.

Silicon Microstructures, Inc. 'SMI'

Silicon Power

Silicon Sensors. The fate of the company unknown.

Silicon Spice: was purchased by Broadcom Corporation in 2000.

Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. "SST"

Silicon Systems Inc, was acquired by TI-Storage Products.

Siliconix was purchased by Vishay in 2005, as a wholly owned subsidiary.

SiliconX, was acquired by Arcadia Design in 2001.

Silicon Value.

Silicon Wave, was purchased by RF Micro Devices in 2004.

Silicore Corporation.

Silonex Inc

Silver Telecom Ltd.

Simtek; Acquired by Cypress Semiconductor Corp. in 2008.

SIPEX; Acquired by Exar Corporation in 2007.

SiQUEST Incorp.

Sirenza Microdevices: in 2007 RFMD has acquired Sirenza Microdevices.

SiRF; see the CSR listing.

Sirius Communications.

SIS Microelectronics, was acquired by Flextronics Semiconductor.

SiTera; was acquired by Vitesse Semiconductor Corp.

SIWARD International, fate of the company unknown.

This is a listing for U.S. companies, in addition American Manufacturers, European Manufacturers, and Asian Manufacturers are included.

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